My heart goes out for Texas :(

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by xcel, Nov 5, 2017.

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    Devin Kelley, dis-Honorable discharge from the Air Force an high possibility of being an Antifa member.

    I've not positively confirmed that he's Antifa yet.

    NOT Confirmed Devin Kelley was Antifa.

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  3. xcel

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    Hi Al:

    Why are you bringing up a Russian propaganda site again? You remember what they did during the election, right? Might I suggest you watch the Texas Government Press Conferences instead? The U.S. Government has only stated he was in the Air Force and they were trying to find out of he was discharged dishonorably after his court martial.

    Talk about "Fake News" Al.

    The Ruger Semiautomatic AR-15 variant that he used are sold in the U.S. legally and were covered by the federal assault weapons ban that went into effect in 1994. Since the ban expired in 2004, the weapons have been legal to sell or possess in much of the United States and sales of AR-15s have surged. If only he and the Vegas shooter were using a smooth bore muzzle loader... :(

  4. ALS

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    Hi Wayne,

    He was Dis Honorably Discharged for Assaulting his wife and child according to Military records

    As far as media goes all the Left wing MSM media Will cover up the Antifa connection.

    Antifa was started after the election by supporters of Hillary and donations to Antifa have been traced back to supporters major left wing political groups.

    I've seen four sources and RT was the first major news source.

    That's right the Russians were major supporters of Hillary Clinton. They paid her $145 Million for 20% of our Uranium.

    Look up Uranium One Scandal.

    Add to that the Russians paid Bill Clinton $500,000 for speeches while Hillary was Secretary of State.

    BTW this whole Russian conspiracy crap is all made up by Hillary and the DNC to cover their incompetence in running a presidential campaign. Hillary using DNC money spent 12 million on that fake Trump Dossier.

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  5. xcel

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    Hi Al:

    You not only linked a Russian Propaganda site, you are spreading Fake News. He did not have some sort of flag, he did not state this was to start a Civil War before shooting up the parishioners. He was a Sunday School teacher back in 2013 or 2014 of all things.

    Now what truth are you reporting over the Texas Government officials?

    Moving on, a fake Dossier? 26 people are dead while more than half of the details in the Dossier have been proven correct. The question you need to ask yourself regarding that is who in the Administration did not meet with Russian's both prior and after this election? Trump, Trump Jr, Pence, Flynn, Mannafort, Stone, Kushner, and Sessions have all stated that is ridiculous... Until it was discovered they all met with Russians unlike any other campaign in history.

  6. ALS

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    Hi Wayne,

    Sunday School Teacher? Where did you get that Fake News?

    The guy was a dye in the wool Atheist.

    It was on his Facebook page before FB shut it down. I've seen the screen shots of his page.


    Gun Control really? The Devin Kelley was banned from ever owning or even possessing any gun due to his dishonorable discharge.

    Just having the gun was a felony possession. Yep those 20,000 gun laws on the books kept a criminal from getting a gun?

    So we can add another one to make us feel good that we did something.

    Criminals will still ignore and break laws because they're criminals and that's what they do.

    Can't get a gun? Then rent a truck from Home Depot and run over people on a bike path in NYC.

    Or steal a large box truck and drive over people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice France on July 14th which killed

    84, injuring 202. December, 12 people were killed when a tractor-trailor plowed into a crowd at a Berlin Christmas Market.

    So when do we ban all trucks from the roads?

    Where did Devin go to commit his crime, a gun free zone? In Texas you are not allowed to Conceal Carry in a Church.

    The 1994 Assault weapons ban was only a ban on paper. I bought semi-auto's during that period of time including having a M1A custom built by a U.S.M.C. MOS 2112 Armorer who built guns for the United States Marine Shooting Team. I actually drove down and picked the gun up at Quantico. Anyone who wanted a semi-auto rifle could easily purchase one if they knew how to get around the law legally, and there were plenty of options available.

    Gun Control really? Devin Kelley was banned from ever owning or even possessing any gun due to his dishonorable discharge.

    Just having the gun was a felony possession. Yep those 20,000 gun laws that are already on the books kept a criminal from getting a gun?

    Where did he go to commit his crime, a gun free zone? In Texas you are not allowed to Conceal Carry in a Church.

    He was a supporter of Texas Democrat party and an avid CNN fan. (Still need to find that screen shot)

    CNN have proven themselves over and over the kings of FAKE NEWS.

    Look at their ratings Wayne they are at the absolute bottom of cable news ratings.
    I can't believe that there are so many clueless idiots that are still watching them.

    Keep believing the FAKE NEWS you're getting on the MSM broadcasts it's going to be so funny when you find out how bad you've been getting lied to.
    John and Tony Podesta of the Podesta Group are in big trouble over their ties to Russia. You will remember John Podesta ran Hillary's Campaign. Mueller is going after Manafort for his dealings with Russia years before joining the Trump Campaign. Who was he working for at the time? The Podesta Group run by Tony and John Podesta.

    The Manafort indictment is going to be an interesting trial since all his Russian Dealings involved making deals for his Democrat clients while working at the Podesta Group.

    A Democrat, Bernie Supporter I follow on YouTube was at the arraignment of Paul Manafort last week and he said it looked like the prosecution wasn't real happy, almost like they wished this whole case would go away. You see Wayne, Paul Manafort was working for Democrat lobbyists at the time.

    Snopes has been proven time and time again to be a mouth piece for the Democrat Party.

    They cover up and spin all things Democrat. Going to Snopes is like me going to Alex Jones and InfoWars to prove my point.

    Like they say Wayne we can agree to disagree.

    Love you Brother,

  7. xcel

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    Hi Al:

    As usual, he was a Sunday school teacher according to his LinkedIn Page. Two, his Grandmother-in-law was at that church and he was pissed about her granddaughter having him placed in jail. Watch the Texas Announcements as mentioned yesterday. This Antifah is 100 percent made up and you bought into the Russian propaganda hook, line, and sinker. When are you going to stop being taken off the rails by the right wing conspiracy theorists and Russian trolls?

    Watch the Texas presentations as there were two this morning total debunking the BS you posted above. Meaning turn on the TV and watch. Then come back and tell us how this was somehow related to the far left again???

    Yet another domestic terrorist kills scores of Americans with an assault rifle. I guess America is the only place where mental illness occurs and those same people can buy semi-automatic rifles. 307 mass shootings in the U.S. this year alone. Far less than the deaths in Iraq, Afghanaistahn, Yemin, and Israel ... Hmmm.

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    WOW, you guys really need to lighten up. Go have a beer or something.
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    It's too bad that so many things turn into a political debate.
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  10. xcel

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    Hi Jud:

    I do not drink! :)

    Mike, not sure why Al took off on it but ... :)

  11. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I never debate politics. But sometimes I just state my ( poorly-informed) opinion and then walk away. Not today , though.
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  12. xcel

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    Those that were murdered in Sutherland, Texas last week. God speed and I am thinking of all of you right now. :(
    • Keith Allen Braden, 62
    • Tara E. McNulty, 33
    • Annabelle Renae Pomeroy, 14
    • Robert Michael Corrigan, 51
    • Shani Louise Corrigan, 51
    • Emily Garcia, 7
    • Emily Rose Hill, 11
    • Gregory Lynn Hill, 13
    • Megan Gail Hill, 9
    • Marc Daniel Holcombe, 36
    • Noah Holcombe, a 1
    • Karla Plain Holcombe, 58
    • John Bryan Holcombe, 60
    • Crystal Marie Holcombe, a pregnant 36
    • Carlin Brite "Billy Bob" Holcombe, the unborn baby of Crystal Holcombe
    • Dennis Neil Johnson Sr., 77
    • Sara Johns Johnson, 68
    • Haley Krueger, a 16
    • Robert Scott Marshall, 56
    • Karen Sue Marshall, 56
    • Therese Sagan Rodriguez, 66
    • Ricardo Cardona Rodriguez, 64
    • Joann Lookingbill Ward, 30
    • Brooke Bryanne Ward, 5
    • Peggy Lynn Warden, 56
    • Lula Woicinski White, 71
  13. xcel

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    Hi All:

    A friend from MT posted this earlier today.


  14. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Does anyone here have a better solution ( for gun violence) than thoughts and prayers ?

    I'm curious. No , I'm not going to get political , I promise. I don't care a lot. Just curious.
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    He was banned from buying guns (domestic abuse while enlisted), but the military didn't bother sharing that with the rest of the world so his background check came up clean. This particular instance wasn't an problem with lack of law, but a failure of information sharing and enforcement.
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  16. bestmapman

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    Some interesting stats.

    An Associated Press analysis of FBI data shows there were about 11,000 gun-related homicides in 2016, up from 9,600 in 2015. The increase in gun-related deaths follows a nearly 15-year period of relative stasis.

    According to CBS News, an average of 28 people per day have died in DUI-related crashes. In 2015, a total of 10,265 people died in such crashes, up nearly 300 from the previous year, and according to government officials, this year could be even worse.

    This is interesting. Both about the same numbers. One gets a lot of press and one does not. Both seem preventable.
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    Stalin killed about 20 million. ... essentially no guns allowed on Soviet soil.
    Mao killed about 40 million ... no guns allowed on communist China soil.

    You think you've had problems? --- I'd think and pray on that for a little bit.
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