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    The environmentalist Claire Morissette is dead the July 21, 2007 at 57 year old. She has been a leading member of Le Monde à Bicyclette since the founding. Citizens of Montréal should be grateful for all bikeroute, bike subway access, bike bridge access, all king of availability considered vested rights today. She also wrote “Deux roues, un avenir” the first book on the issues and ideology of urban bicycling in French. Then, she has co-founded the Montreal division of Communauto, a car sharing service, a complementary solution for public transportation and bicycling. In 1988, she founded Cyclo Nord-Sud, an entity that collects used bicycles and bicycle parts in Canada, and donates them to non-profit agencies in Africa and south America.

    Claire was promoting the change of the paradigm of the North American way to use cars. Her environmental footprint is dramatically positive. especially because of all the bikers using “her” bikeroute today. This week the England is under meters of water and Europeans are dying under major heatwave the result of the green glass gases. We are certainly doing something good by promoting the utilisation of hybrid car and fuel efficiency behaviour. However, I hope that the history of this great environmentalist will inspire you and me for deeper involvement in global warming fighting.

    Pierre Morissette
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    Prayers ...
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    Hi Pierre:

    ___Thank you for the details of this persons achievements. It sounds like we all lost a great influence for the betterment of all :ccry:

    ___Good Luck

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    Bonjour Pierre,

    As a committed bicycle commuter, with ancestors from greater Montreal, I am moved by your eulogy of this visionary woman who was ahead of her time.

    Her namesake, Yves Morrisette (habitant de Laval), is a pioneer in hybrid automobile modification.

    North America and the world are made better by the initiatives of Claire Morrisette.

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    OK, but if you continue to do that with our name, she will comeback during your nights and eat your toes. ;) .I'am just kiding. Thank you, Yes she was a great woman.

    Pierre MORISSETTE ;)
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