More inconvenient truths on banning gas engines

Discussion in 'In the News' started by ALS, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Reading through all of this, the Chevy Volt's formula of electric car which happens to have a gasoline engine seems like the interim winner. Even the Prius seems to have latched onto that formula. For now, it seems like the ability to supplement the battery range when needed is what we'll have to live with as batteries themselves ramp up their energy density.

    Matt Farah, not exactly known as an eco-minded individual, is actually excited at the possibility of getting his Volt back. He mentioned once that he'd gone 8 months without putting gas in the darn thing.
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    "Even under an aggressive EV adoption scenario, our second figure shows that peak piston isn’t likely to occur before 2030. That’s because of the residual sales momentum and retention of petroleum power vehicles. By 2050, 60 percent of the global fleet of personal vehicles could be composed of EVs, but the number of ICE vehicles remaining on the roads would not likely to be much less than today."

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