Honda U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 6.8% with 142,722 Vehicles Sold

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    [​IMG] The 2017 Civic is on fire. The all-new 2018 Accord is readying for battle.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Oct. 3, 2017

    2018 Honda Accord LX with the DI and Turbocharged 1.5L I4 mated to a CVT – Pricing starts at $24,445 incl. the $875 D&H charge while offering owners a very competitive 30/38 mpg city/highway rating.

    2018 Honda Accord


    The first gen Accord was introduced to the American midsize segment in 1976. Since that time, American car buyers have purchased more Accords than any other passenger car, with total U.S. sales exceeding 13 million vehicles. The current, ninth-generation, Accord has been the top retail-selling midsize car in America for the past six years (2011-2016).

    The Accord was the first automobile from a Japanese automaker to be manufactured in America and has been in continuous production at the company's Marysville, Ohio auto plant since November 1, 1982, using domestic and globally-sourced parts. Total U.S. Accord production exceeds 11 million units. In 1987, Accord became the first U.S-made automobile from a Japanese automaker to be exported overseas (Accord Sedan to Taiwan).

    The Accord was Honda's third hybrid model (2005 Accord V6 Hybrid) and first plug-in hybrid (2014 Accord Plug-In Hybrid).

    Honda Accord U.S. Generation History

    1st gen 1976-1981 Hatchback, Sedan (1979) with either a 1.6L I4 or 1.8L I4. A hatchback was also introduced, 5-speed MT or 2-speed AT, CVCC, 68-72 hp, digital clock (1978), Sedan introduced (1979), luxury SE (1981)

    2nd gen 1982-1985 Hatchback, Sedan with a 1.8L I4, 75-86 hp, catalytic converter, U.S. production in Ohio, 4-speed AT (1983), fuel injection (1985)

    3rd gen 1986-1989 Hatchback, Sedan and Coupe (1988) with a 2.0L I4, 98-120 hp, double wishbone suspension, retractable headlights, first Coupe, 4-wheel discs, top-selling car in U.S. (1989)

    4th gen 1990-1993 Sedan, Coupe and Wagon (1991) with a 2.2L I4, 125-140 hp, fuel injection on all trims, electronic AT controls, motorized front shoulder belts, ABS and driver's air bag (1991), top-selling car in U.S. (1990)

    5th gen 1994-1997 Sedan, Coupe and Wagon with either a 2.2L I4 or 2.7L V6, 130-170 hp, VTEC, first V6 (1995)

    6th gen 1998-2002 Sedan and Coupe with either a 2.3L I4 or 3.0L V6, 150-200 hp, dual-stage front airbags and wide-deploying side curtain airbags, LEV, ULEV and SULEV emissions ratings

    7th gen 2003-2007 Sedan and Coupe with either a 2.4L I4 or 3.0L V6, 160-255 hp, 17-inch wheels, NAVI, side and curtain airbags (2003), PZEV emissions rating, satellite radio (2004), Accord V6 Hybrid (2004)

    8th gen 2008-2012 Sedan, Coupe, and Hatch (2010) with either a 2.4L I4 or 3.5L V6, 177-271hp, V6 with VCM, first car to achieve NCAP 5-star Overall Vehicle Score (2010), rearview camera (2012)

    9th gen 2013-2017 Sedan, Coupe and Hatch with either a 2.4L I4 or 3.5L V6, iMMD Hybrid. Honda LaneWatch, HondaLink, two-motor Hybrid drivetrain, first Honda plug-in hybrid, Honda Sensing

    10th gen 2018- Sedan with either a 1.5L, 2.0L DI and Turbocharged I4, or two-motor Hybrid drivetrain

    The all-new 10th gen 2018 Accord is new from the ground up with a lower and wider stance, a lighter and more rigid structure; a lighter and more sophisticated chassis; three advanced new powertrains, Accord's first-ever use of turbocharged engines, a new 10-speed AT and a third-generation two-motor hybrid system.

    The most premium equipped Accord yet.

    Honda September 2017 Sales Overview

    Honda sold 142,722 Honda and Acura vehicles in September, the best-ever September total sales that were up 6.8 percent over the 133,655 sold in September of 2016. On a Daily Selling Rate (DSR) basis, 26 selling days in Sept. of 2017 vs 25 in Sept. of 2016, sales were up 2.7 percent.

    Honda on its own also set a new September record, gaining 7.4 percent on sales of 129,776 vehicles.

    Acura sales of 12,946 vehicles were up 1.0 percent.

    YTD sales of 1,231,603 were up 0.3 percent vs the 1,228,380 sold through the same period of 2016. On a DSR basis, one more selling day in 2017 compared to 2016, YTD sales were down 0.2 percent.


    Honda’s Civic continues to dominate the C-Segment in September with a new sales record. September sales of 35,452 vehicles was up 25.8 percent over the 28,184 sold in September of 2016. YTD sales of 284,380 are up 0.2 percent over the 283,783 sold through the same period of 2016. Healthy incentives re beginning to price the Civic where it shod be and America took notice.

    Honda dealers were working hard to move the older 9th generation 2017 Accords as the all-new 10th gen 2018 Model is being readied for dealer delivery. In September, 29,789 Accords were sold, up 9.5 percent over the 27,204 sold in September of 2016. YTD sales of 250,802 were down 3.0 percent below the 258,619 sold through the same period of 2016.

    2018 Honda Accord Interior

    Functional but riskless.​

    September 2017 Top 10


    Items of Note: RAM Pickups moved back ahead of the RAV4 and the Rogue is picking off where it left off a few months before with a strong September showing. The Corolla which fell out of the Top 10 last month moved back into the 8th spot in September while the Equinox fell from the Top 10 last month.

    U.S. Automobile Sept. 2017 vs. Sept. 2016 Market Share results


    September 2017 Market Share items of note: GM and Toyota gained 0.9 and 1.1 percent respectively which appears to have come from FCA which fell a steep 2.0 percent. Hyundai was down 1.1 percent due to the previously discussed fleet sales reductions. The outlier although by an almost insignificant amount at negative .2 percent was Subaru. All vs. August of 2016.

    September 2017 B and C-Segment Top 10 Sales and Rankings


    B and C-Segment sales items of note: The B-segment sales champ Nissan Versa continues to be unchallenged. Just as the all-new 2018 Hyundai Accent is being readied for public purchase, incentive to move the outgoing model appears to have kicked into high gear a that model went from 6th, to 5th, to 2nd over the last three months.

    Within the C-segment, the Civic continues to dominate. Elantra is off significantly for reasons mentioned previously while the VW Jetta is making a comeback moving up a spot in each of the last three months. The biggest news is that for the first time in forever, the Mazda3 was knocked off the C-Segment Top 10! It was replaced by the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Wow!

    September 2017 D and Utility Segment Top 10 Sales and Rankings


    D-segment sales items of note: The all-new 8th gen Toyota Camry continues to sit on top of the D-segment sales charts. The all-new 2018 Accord will reach showrooms soon which should show if the Accord has what it takes.

    The aging Altima continues to experience significant sales declines. Besides the intense competition from both the new Camry and Accord, I suspect Nissan like the rest of the majors are pulling back on fleet sales to pull up residuals. Hyundai's refreshed Sonata fell behind the Kia Optima. I was not expecting that despite the Optima being a great looking midsize that does not garner the respect it deserves.

    Utility sales items of note: The Toyota RAV4 like the Camry owns this segment while Rogue achieved enough momentum to push the CR-V back into 3rd.

    September 2017 Pickup Segment Top 10 Sales and Rankings


    Pickup sales items of note: The F-series achieved > 80,000 vehicles sold for the second time this year. GM’s overall truck sales (Silverado, Sierra, Colorado, and Canyon) outsold Ford by 5,233 vehicles.

    Although Titan sales continue to hold onto the 9th spot, the September and YTD volumes compared to 2016 are up significantly.

    September 2017 Electrified Segments Top 10 Sales and Rankings


    Electrified sales items of note: The September surprise standout is the Fusion Hybrid outselling both the Toyota Prius and the hot Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. The Prius has never been in the third spot in the hybrid segment. Ever! The Kia Niro continues to hold onto its 2,500+ vehicle sales per month while the Accord Hybrid is closing in. The largest percentage increase was the Highlander Hybrid while the all-new Camry Hybrid moved ahead of it taking the 6th spot.

    On the plug-in front, the Sonata PHEV inched into the Top 10 while the Audi e-tron fell off.

    U.S. Sept. 2017 Sales vs. Sept. 2016 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 18 Automobile Manufacturers
    1. GM U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 11.9% with 279,397 Vehicles Sold
    2. Toyota U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 14.9% with 226,632 Vehicles Sold
    3. Ford U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 8.7% with 222,248 Vehicles Sold
    4. FCA U.S. September 2017 Sales Down 9.7% with 174,266 Vehicles Sold
    5. Honda U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 6.8% with 142,722 Vehicles Sold
    6. Nissan U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 9.5% with 139,932 Vehicles Sold
    7. Hyundai U.S. September 2017 Sales Down 15.5% with 55,271 Vehicles Sold
    8. Subaru U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 0.4% with 55,120 Vehicles Sold
    9. Kia U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 6.6% with 52,468 Vehicles Sold
    10. Mercedes-Benz U.S. September 2017 Sales Down 2.2% with 32,337 Vehicles Sold
    11. VW U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 33.2% with 32,112 Vehicles Sold
    12. BMW U.S. September 2017 Sales Down 0.4% with 29,307 Vehicles Sold
    13. Mazda U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 3.4% with 25,738 Vehicles Sold
    14. Audi U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 9.6% with 19,308 Vehicles Sold
    15. Jaguar/Land Rover U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 16.9% with 9,703 Vehicles Sold
    16. Mitsubishi U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 17.2% with 8,430 Vehicles Sold
    17. Volvo U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 40.7% with 7,990 Vehicles Sold
    18. Porsche U.S. September 2017 Sales Up 12.9% with 5,059 Vehicles Sold
    Sept. U.S Auto Manufacturers Sales Items of Note: Subaru fell behind Hyundai despite a positive sales month. The AWD brand is closing in on the first monthly decline in years and I am hearing on the radio $5k off on some models in San Diego to help October sales going forward.

    Mercedes-Benz edged out VW which in turn moved ahead of BMW for 10th, 11th, and 12th spot respectively.

    2017 vs 2016 U.S. Monthly Auto Industry Sales Totals

    January 2017 (+.01 million): 1.14 million vs 1.13 million sold in January of 2016
    February 2017 (-.01 million): 1.32 million vs 1.33 million sold in February of 2016
    March 2017 (-.05 million): 1.54 million vs 1.59 million sold in March of 2016
    April 2017 (-.06 million): 1.44 million vs. 1.50 million sold in April of 2016
    May 2017 (+.06 million): 1.52 million vs. 1.46 million sold in May of 2016
    June 2017 (-.05 million): 1.46 million vs. 1.51 million sold in June of 2016
    July 2017 (-.11 million): 1.41 million vs. 1.52 million sold in July of 2016
    August 2017 (-.03 million): 1.48 million vs 1.51 million sold in August of 2016
    September 2017 (+.09 million): 1.52 million vs 1.43 million sold in September of 2016

    September 2017 U.S. Automotive industry sales of 1.52 million was up 6.3 percent vs. the 1.43 million sold in September of 2016. On a Daily Selling Rate (DSR) basis, September sales was up 2.2 percent given there were 26 selling days in September of 2017 vs. 25 in September of 2016. A pretty good showing and positive sign as the previous three months of declines has been broken. Vehicle replacements to cover Hurricane Harvey and Irma’s devastation should help sales going forward.

    September 2017 sales YTD of 12.84 million vehicles was down 1.6 percent from the 13.05 million sold through the same period of 2016. There were 230 selling days in 2017 and 229 selling days in 2016 leading to a 2.0 percent fall off on a Daily Selling Rate (DSR) basis.

    September 2017 automotive industry seasonally annual adjusted rate (SAAR) exceeded 18 million on volume of 1.52 million vehicles. Annual SAAR continues to point towards 17 million vehicles, possibly making 2017 the third consecutive year in which the industry will reach that milestone.
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    Looks like an exciting engine setup. Will be interesting to see what you can squeeze out of it :)
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    Hi MPG Mom:

    I am very interested in both the yet to be released hybrid and the non-hybrid in LX trim with the 1.5-T.

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    The front/lower grill looks too open, both aesthetically and making whatever radiator that is vulnerable.


    Push-button gear shift?

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    Hi Mendel:

    Yes but only on the 10-speed AT equipped Accords.

    Not sure about the Hybrids yet.

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    Push-button gearshift ? An accident waiting to happen. Not a crash or even damage accident , but SOMEONE will put it into Park at highway speed.

    I admit that I've done it in the Prius , while fumbling for the climate control button located scant millimeters away.

    Aside from s****ing myself, no damage done.
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    The car will probably refuse to go into Park at certain speeds, or without the brake depressed.

    During our Audi cross-country drive, somebody accidentally put our car into Reverse instead of Drive after coasting down a hill in neutral at 60 mph. The car made some angry beeps and just stayed in neutral instead of trying to engage Reverse.
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    You guys were only going 60 downhill ? Going thru the mountains around Albuquerque , I needed xx MPH just to get up the next hill !

    I guess that's how Team A6 got the highest MPG , he says with a smirk.
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    Edwin, Mike was in the sportier A7! :)
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