Post a pic of your hot ride!

Discussion in 'My Ride' started by CoasterToasterXB, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. locutus

    locutus MPG Centurion

    OK, this is from over 2 years ago when she had just 7 miles on her, brand new from the dealer, but fresh out of the carwash she can still look this good... ;)

  2. CoasterToasterXB

    CoasterToasterXB Well-Known Member

    This site has some good lookin stock cars!!
  3. Fenrir

    Fenrir Well-Known Member

    Ignore the paint chips and dead bugs...

    She will probably get polished and waxed this weekend, weather permitting. And I need to get some touch-up paint. Hard to believe she's almost 5 years old!

    Photo courtesy of Highwater.
  4. -mr. bill

    -mr. bill Senior Member

    Bigger version of the Avatar. The landmark is on one of the many rolling hills I face going around everyday.


    -mr. bill
  5. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

  6. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    ___My past pride and joy now owned by Gary in CA.


    ___My current daily grinder after an 11” snowfall the night prior.


    ___My workhorse during the blizzard ;)


    ___Good Luck

  7. CoasterToasterXB

    CoasterToasterXB Well-Known Member

    xcel- i think the snow will hurt your aerodynamics - you really need to work on removing it before you drive - you should know better:)
  8. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    summer version:


    winter version:


    both were taken in the parking lot at work
  9. Doc Willie

    Doc Willie Shuttlecraft Commander

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  10. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan Member


    I get about 18mpg out of the 4wd Silverado when I'm towing and the boat get's about 3mpg at WOT.
    The boat is a hybrid, gas/electric.

    I built that bridge my self.
  11. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Hybrid boat...that gave me a chuckle. I hadn't really considered it but I guess a trolling motor does make it a PHEV. I wish it were that simple for our land-based craft!

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