New Drive$mart Wisconsin Meet, 10-7-17

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    New D$W Meet: Saturday Oct 7, 2017
    “You may be only one person in this world, but to one person at one time,
    you are the world.”

    As we watched the tragedy of hurricane Harvey, we also saw the blessing of people helping people. That reminded me of the blessing offered to strangers by the 10,000 residents of Gander Newfoundland and their unselfish hospitality to the 6,600 passengers/crew of the 39 planes forced to land in their town on Sept. 11th. The Anonymous quote above kind of reminds me of what D$W does to a much lesser degree...helping strangers, one driver at a time. I call instances of this unselfish love and hospitality a chance to, "Stand Up and Gander".

    Hello to all D$W members and friends,

    Marie, Justin and I want to thank all or D$W members and friends for their patience as we transitioned from Pewaukee to Jackson as well as from full time work to retirement. We’ll miss Pewaukee Lake but look forward to a more relaxed lifestyle without the burden of home maintenance. Because of this transition, we’ll have the ability to focus on the mission of D$W and D$A in “Protecting Our Home”.

    We’d like to personally invite everyone to our D$W/MiHG Silver Meet at the Greenfield Public Library. Our 50th Meet will be held on Saturday October 7th from 9:30am to 2 pm with a free potluck lunch served and spectacular door prizes.

    As we discussed at our February D$W Meet when we talked about new vehicles coming down the street this year, Marie and I were fortunate to have 2 new Prii stop in our driveway in Jackson. Marie’s 2017 Prius Prime and my 2017 Prius Three will be talked about in Segment One of this Meet. We’ll update you on their attributes as well as performance numbers on both…and they’re spectacular.

    In Segment Two, will have a presentation and discussion on the current alphabet soup of safety features in many current vehicles. So if you want to learn about what FCW, LDW, ACC, HUD, BSW and the Toyota TSS system of PCS/PD, LDA/SA, RCTA, ICS/IPA, DRCC and AHB are all about, this will be the Meet you need to attend. These safety features are now becoming mainstream and will save lives immediately and pave the way for autonomous vehicles in the future and knowledge of them is power.

    Since we haven’t met since our D$W Meet in February, plan on attending to catch up on member news, member new rides and discussions on agenda for additional D$W Meets in 2017 and 2018. Please invite your friends if they want to learn how to increase battery range or save fuel in the range of 10-30% through the use of Drive $mart tools.

    Last point, D$W will be at several upcoming National Electric Drive Week events in Madison and Appleton over the next 3 weeks. Check out the NEDW website at:

    So we look forward to hanging with you all for some intense discussion, fuel for thought, good food, great camaraderie and meeting new friends on Saturday Oct. 7th.

    Remember, as fuel costs go up because of Harvey, D$W members are encouraged to invite a friend, co-worker, relative, neighbor or just about anyone you know that drives, to this or any D$W Meet. It'll change their lives, make them safer drivers, create a cleaner environment, lessen driving stress and most of all save them money on fuel and maintenance costs and help them to "Protect Our Home"...all for FREE!

    So lets all "Stand Up and Gander" together and join us at our Golden D$W Meet,

    Marie, Justin and Bradlee Fons

    DRIVE $MART WISCONSIN is now on Facebook, so please join us there and let's talk!
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