Texas Auto Writers Association Truck Rally - Oct. 15, 2017

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    2017 TAWA Truck Rodeo

    The 2017 Texas Truck Rodeo builds on the success of the new home established in 2016: the Longhorn River Ranch located in a picturesque Texas Hill Country setting west of Austin, near Dripping Springs. With spectacular elevation changes and, with around 1,632 acres, is roughly 50% larger than our previous venue, giving us the option for more varied and challenging off-road courses than ever before. On-road drive routes follow the winding river roads along Onion Creek and stints at highway speeds more closely represent drive cycles Texans experience everyday.

    This year there will again be NO EMBARGO for the awards announcement.

    Each fall, more than 60 TAWA automotive journalists and 100-plus manufacturer representatives from throughout the nation meet for a two-day evaluation of the industry’s best trucks, SUVs and CUVs.

    The 2017 Texas Truck Rodeo will return to the spectacular Longhorn River Ranch, thirty-five miles west of Austin, near Dripping Springs, Texas and is scheduled to run from Sunday, October 15th through Tuesday the 17th.

    The results from the Texas Truck Rodeo are widely covered in national publications such as Motor Trend, Consumer Reports and USA Today. The 2016 New Year's Eve edition of The New York Times featured the legendary competition internationally, and TAWA is actively engaged in the development of a television series surrounding the event.

    Manufacturers covet the prestigious awards they earn at the Texas Truck Rodeo and often mention the honors in their press releases, promotional materials and campaigns across the globe.

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