2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Desert Racer

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    [​IMG] The standard off-road proving ground, right? ;)

    James Davis – CleanMPG – Aug. 19, 2017

    2018 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Desert Racer


    Hall Racing debuted a modified 2017 production Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 during Best in the Desert’s General Tire “Vegas to Reno” race presented by FOX.

    “Vegas to Reno, the longest off-road race in the U.S., began at 9:30 AM Friday in Las Vegas and ended at various times on Saturday morning, August 19, in Reno, Nevada. 336 contestants participated in this year’s 550-mile off-road race.

    The course encompasses a wide array of grueling terrain, from silty desert wallows, to dry lake beds and mountain passes as high as 8,000 ft. above sea level.

    Entered in class 7300, which comprises stock production mid-sized pick-ups and SUVs, Hall Racing’s modifications to the ZR2 include sanctioning body-mandated safety items such as a roll cage, a 44-gallon racing fuel tank and racing seats with safety harnesses. KC HiLites racing lights, two-way radios and a GPS system have also been added.

    The truck retains the stock ZR2’s 3.6L V6 and 8-speed AT, along with a modified version of ZR2’s Multimatic DSSVTM damper technology.

    Hall Racing, the winningest family of off-road racers in the legendary Baja 1000, has a long history of racing with GM production-based vehicles in both Best in the Desert and SCORE desert series.

    The 2018 Colorado ZR-2 combines the nimbleness and maneuverability of a midsize pickup with a host of new off-road features and the most off-road technology of any vehicle in its segment.

    Compared to a standard Colorado, the ZR2 features front and rear tracks that have been widened by 3.5 inches and a suspension lifted by two inches. Functional rockers have been added for better performance over rocks and obstacles, and the front and rear bumpers have been modified for better off-road clearance.

    Class-exclusive features include standard front and rear electronic locking differentials, available diesel engine and the first off-road application of Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve (DSSVTM) damper technology.

    The Results

    The Colorado ZR2 was the only stock truck to compete in and finish Best in the Desert’s General Tire “Vegas to Reno” race. Recognized by the Best in the Desert organization as 1st in Class 7300, the truck crossed the finish line in Carson City, Nevada around 7:00 a.m. PT on Saturday, August 19, taking 18 hours, 50 minutes and 16 seconds to complete the course with an average speed of 28.6 miles per hour.

    Despite a few flats along the course and the expected rock damage, the ZR2 held up well over the 539-mile race. Only 204 of the 336 vehicles entered in the race completed the challenging course.

    The pit crew included Chevy performance and chassis engineers, Chevy Racing project manager, General Motors’ technicians and Hall Racing team members.
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    Additional details of the race at http://bitd.com/ (Best in the Desert)

    28.6 mph average was leisurely compared to the overall race-winning ~60.8. :)
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    :eek:o_O 60.8 mph average offroad?!! You know portions were slower than that so they had a cruising speed well over 100 to make that!
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    Fun to watch the big wheel-travel vehicles taking to the air. (memories of desert races; I haven't watched this one...) No wonder they get flats and broken suspensions at best. Sad about the injuries and one fatality. Imagine motorcycles, ATVs and big rigs mixing things up on the highway. Mayhem.

    I'm glad they had GPS unlike the Paris-Dakar race. Wouldn't want to end up in Mexico in this case.
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