The Unofficial HybridFest Live-Blogging and photo thread 56K beware.

Discussion in 'General' started by mparrish, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. xcel

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    Re: The Unofficial HybridFest Live-Blogging Thread

    Hi Evan:

    ___An amazing collage and a blow by blow as to Hybridfest in its entirety. I saw what you had uploaded this morning and am just now going through what you uploaded the rest of today. Great pics and boy did you have access to the Hymotion/A123Systems conversion. I was watching from a distance for some of the conversion and only wish I had the opportunity to have been right on top of it all.

    ___Again, great pics and what do you suggest for a pro-sumer, mostly automatic digital so as to take much better pics on my own. My pictures suck and one reason why I am glad my Kodak 5MP was left at home for the weekend ;)

    ___Good Luck

  2. DebbieKatz

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    Re: The Unofficial HybridFest Live-Blogging Thread

    My voice was almost gone this AM after all the talking I did this weekend. I guess you really *can't* shut me up when it comes to talking about my FEH :D:D

    It was great meeting so many of you that I've come to know here on CleanMPG :) - Slow Hands, Dan 110110, rhwinger, Imahybrid, Locutus, JimboK, Sledge, Hobbit, DeltaFlyer, GaryG - I know I'm going to forget someone; please don't be mad at me :eek: And renewing & expanding friendships that I made last year - Rich, Wayne, Eric & my Milwaukee Hybrid Group family. It really did feel like a big family reunion :)

    Gary, thanks for bringing your camera along - I'm looking forward to seeing that video. On Sunday, I rode along with Rich as he did a clinic for a couple with a Highlander Hybrid, since no one had signed up for FEH training :( Listening to him tell the driver what to do gave me a verbal backup to what I learned watching you during the MPG Challenge, & this AM I pulled a 49.8mpg commute without even trying :):):)

    Rich, I had fun hanging out with you at the booth on Sunday, & encouraging each other while "driving" Toyota's simulator. I gave the flashlight to my husband :)

    Wayne, Tom, & Larry, it's always good to see & spend time with you :) Larry, what are you going to do when you burn out your ScanGauge ;) Wayne, you & Tom are like 2 sides of the same coin - Tom is so quiet, & you are so passionate & have so much to say - including inspiring & encouraging us all with your example :):)

    Eric, you know I'm just teasing you about the "older woman" thing - after all, you're the one who got me started in my "career" as a "hybrid star" ;) I'm looking forward to being more help on the next HF than just a "pretty face" :D And if you *really* need someone to cover the catering, I *guess* I could start there ... :p

    Bradlee, Justin, Marie - what can I say? I feel like we've gone from being strangers to being family in no time at all :):):) My FEH led me the the MiHG & you, which is just one more reason I like it so much!

    Rich & GaryG, I enjoyed sharing my Owner of the (3) Hour(s) with you. Here's hoping we see a little spike in FEH sales as a result :woot:


    There's so much more, but I promised my husband I'd take him out to dinner :) I'll be posting again (& again, & again...) as more memories of this weekend occur to me.
  3. xcel

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    Re: The Unofficial HybridFest Live-Blogging Thread

    Hi All:

    ___Just a few I have had the chance to mess with and in no particular order so far?

    Eric Powers and ABC News.

    Best Hypermilers in the World – Gary Gattis, Jerad Parrish and Bill Kinney.

    Insighter’s at the 2007 Hybridfest FE Challenge.

    Prius drivers at the 2007 Hybridfest FE Challenge.

    Bill, Justin, Bradlee, Linda and Eric at the 2007 Hybridfest FE Challenge Awards.

    FE Clinics-I.

    FE Clinics-II.

    Olin Park overlook to the Capitol building.

    Sue Adams w/ her 2007 Toyota Prius-II. Great story about this one!

    Insight w/ a DVD player and NAVI!

    Got Prius’.

    GM Hybrid Bus.

    Gary Gattis, Debbie Anders, Rich Krueger – 3 Best FEH hypermilers in the world.

    A few FEH’s.

    E85 FEH in the flesh.

    After Hybridfest 2007 – Culver’s Get Together.​

    ___Good Luck

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  4. SlowHands

    SlowHands Hypermiling Ironman

    Re: The Unofficial HybridFest Live-Blogging Thread

    I am so glad I was able to get to Hybrid Fest on Saturday, it was outstanding. I am so happy to have met so many great people, and saddened by how I missed meeting so many more!! I'll blame it on not pre-registering so there was no 'SlowHands' badge hanging on my chest... and yeah probably not 'paying attention' enough (forgot my meds..)

    The additional things I learned just on Saturday will pay off the gas expense and the admission charge in probably less than a month.

    Hybrid Fest 2008 will be on my to do list for sure.
  5. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Re: The Unofficial HybridFest Live-Blogging Thread

    Wow, you weren't kidding, Wayne -- great set of pics, Evan!!! I particularly enjoyed seeing everyone enjoying themselves.

    Now I've got some faces for the names around here -- too bad I didn't get to meet any of you in person this year. :(

    BUT... I know the face of the fellow who kindly send me an SG1!!!! I can't thank you enough, Gary. :eek:
  6. Sledge

    Sledge I like owls with captions

    Re: The Unofficial HybridFest Live-Blogging Thread

    Got air conditioning? :D

  7. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    When I gave Linda my pictures to download, HybridFest had already had 1500 pictures (and I took at least 100 more afterwards - a total of 640 for me).

    There are a lot of people to thank but let me start with Dan for getting my very cranky camera card reader to work so you can see many of these pictures now. It was a lot of work and like the MPG Challenge, he had to get out and "push" my card reader to come through. :D Also thanks to Tom for downloading the pictures on his laptop at Madison.

    Linda, Justin, and Eric were very accomodating in letting me participate in the MPG Challenge, esp with the flurry of activity that was going on. That includes Justin allowing me to borrow his car (I carpooled in Dan's Prius).

    Marianne, Wayne's wife was very gracious during HybridFest - also a big thank you. She was one of many "hypermiling widows" (DebbieKatz has a "hypermiling widower").

    On the lighter side, JimboK - a Redskins fan was extemely gentlemanly for taking this Cowboys fan from Chicago to Madison. One of the things he put up with was we past the boyhood home of Cows Quaterback Tony Romo and I attempted to pray in the direction of the holy city of Burlington, Wisconsin . :p

    I have volunteered at the Great Race in Lewisville and other totally different organizations, but while I can appreciate the hours Eric and the HybridFest staff has put, I don't think I can quite fathom the grind it's had to have been....thank you!!!

    I want to thank tarabell and brick for "minding the store" here at CleanMPG - things absolutely do not stop when a lot of us left for HybridFest and we are very appreciative of them not letting the site go.
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  8. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Re: The Unofficial HybridFest Live-Blogging Thread

    That SG has a lot of excellent trips on her and the face of it sitting on my dash will never be forgotten. The great Wayne Gerdes used that SG as we went to the 24 hour Sebring race with the famous Bill Kinney who just won first place in this years MPG Challenge. We are all good friends, and you are a part of our friendship now with that tool.

    Ron Delong invented the SG and is a part of our community now, and I thank him for being here.

  9. efusco

    efusco He who posts articles

    Thanks guys, glad everyone enjoyed the pix.
    Wayne, lemme tell you, I was thrilled to be in there, I tried to stay out of the way and just shoot in as professional manner as possible, but couldn't resist taking the opportunity to feel the A123 battery 'humming' after they plugged it in and asking pertainant questions from time to time. I figured I was shooting for hybridfest, the potential plug in community as a whole, the installers, the owners of the car, and for myself so I wanted to document every little thing. Having a decent knowledge of what was what really helped, I think, to make sure I got everything important covered.

    I had a great time at hybridfest, it was great to meet so many of you and I think, ultimately, we've all done a great service to the future of least for the Madison area if not on a larger scale.
  10. tbaleno

    tbaleno Well-Known Member

    FYI anyone uploading pictures, there is a special place in the gallery under the Events and Gatterings section of the photo gallery called hybridfest 2007. Upload them there if you can so people can find all the pictures without having to hunt too hard.

    Also, the gallery is good because it makes thumbnails so people on slower connections can scan the pictures and only have to suffer through downloading the ones they want to view.
  11. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    I haven't even come close to catching up yet either, but after
    spending a very comfy night in a local campground in Scottsburg
    IN, I'm at Steve's shop at AutoBeYours and just got the grand
    tour of his all-prius boneyard. Wow! Views of internal parts
    you'd never see, and of course tons of pieces and parts all
    stacked up and ready to put into other cars. A total playground.
    I think I'm going to help deal with a couple of cars that are
    going out to new owners today or something, and get more pix,
    and frankly I have no idea how long I'm going to be here yet.
    But I held the mail back home, so there's no hurry to get back
    east. No, I'm probably not going to spend the rest of the
    summer here, as tempting as that might be.
    More updates, and my pitiful little collection of pictures from
    the weekend, whenver I get time...
  12. Fenrir

    Fenrir Well-Known Member

    Evan, you got a nice shot of my backside sticking out the front passenger door of the Prius as I snapped a shot of the disassembled dash. ;) Had I realized you were shooting, I would've stayed out of your way. Amazing what that Hybridfest lanyard would do for you... I just stepped right over the ropes and nobody seemed to care.
  13. JimboK

    JimboK One owner, low mileage

    You don't know how much I was biting my tongue! :)

    Seriously, I was glad to have you along. The conversation kept me awake. I'm one who can get jet lag -- or more accurately in this case, car lag -- traveling across just one time zone.

    And it was my pleasure meeting so many of you! I am tempted to list names, but I know I'll leave someone out. So let it suffice to say thanks to everyone for a terrific weekend.
  14. Pravus Prime

    Pravus Prime Banned

    Re: The Unofficial HybridFest Live-Blogging Thread

    Yeah, where'd they come from? Man, they look professional! ;)
  15. efusco

    efusco He who posts articles

    Re: The Unofficial HybridFest Live-Blogging Thread

    Thanks again Wayne,
    re: camera recs. There are a lot of good ones out there. The first bit of advice I give is to NOT get a SLR/interchangable lens camera unless you know exactly why you need those features and exactly how you'll use them and that you're very willing to spend 3-5 times as much on the lenses as on the body. Otherwise the sealed unit cameras that are out now are excellent and versatile, easier to take care of and have better lenses than most "kit" lenses that you get with low end digital SLRs.

    The next tip is to look at a site like for detailed specs on any of the cameras you're considering. Pay particular attention to low light performance and (my pet peeve) shutter lag...the amount of time it takes b/w pushing down the shutter release and the camera capturing the image. Many low end cameras have long shutter delays and you can miss action easily.

    Carefully consider the battery type too. I really like prosumer level cameras that use AA batteries or offer the option of an adapter for AAs. You can get good rechargables but keep or buy Lithiums for back-ups if the rechargables die or you forget to recharge them. My Nikons have OEM rechargable batteries, but also come with adapters that allow you to put in Li+ for backup.

    Specific rec. My wife has a Canon S2 IS that I really like. They're up to the S3 IS and I seem to remember that there's an S5 IS. These offer good low light performance with the built in image stablization, they use SD cards (durable, no pins to bend, small and convenient as they're almost universal), they use a Zeiss lens with 10x or 12x optical zoom (digital zoom is lame and meaningless as it is just an in-camera crop).

    All the major manufacturers make excellent cameras and you should pick one that has the features you like, feels good in your hand, is easy to find the functions you want and meets the criteria above. There is absolutely no reason to pay extra for a camera with larger than 8MP unless you routinely enlarge to 20"x24" posters or larger. You also shouldn't have to pay more than about $350 for a very good camera and, on sale, you can get some excellent cameras for $250.
  16. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Evan:

    ___Thank you for the great camera advice! I will be looking for a replacement of my very own in the very near term. I purchased the Kodak’s for my wife and oldest boy for Christmas on a steal of a deal but their low light performance and shutter cycle time is absolutely horrendous unless you place them into that night shot - slow shutter mode (that is almost a guaranteed blur) or with a tri-pod for action shots. For outdoor use, they are great but even then, a few shadows or dark areas and they fall apart :(

    ___Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

    ___Good Luck and thanks again for the advice.

  17. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    Still here at Autobeyours. Going to spend the day trying to
    catch up on forums and such, and helping evaluate a car that Steve
    sold to a local lady who then had another accident with it
    shortly thereafter! Steve said it's vindicating that the same
    front end he repaired/rebuilt got whacked and his welding job
    held up just fine. But the plastic nose is knocked askew and
    it remains to be seen what else took damage underneath.
    Yesterday we finished stripping the last bits out of another
    car -- a Prius down to the bare and I mean BARE chassis. Next
    step is to flip the whole thing over and recover the battery
    wires and exhaust system and at least one A-frame, and then the
    rest goes off to steel recycling. I probably won't be around
    long enough to help with the last bits of that, but trust me,
    I've been saying it for days now, pix are forthcoming.
    Tonight we're going to wrap it up a little early and I'm going
    to get on the road toward DC, which is the next stop. I'm
    planning to get a little ways east and overnight somewhere, and
    then spend most of tomorrow tooling around the secondary highways
    in West Virginia -- I figure the more wiggly they are on the GPS,
    the more likely they're going to have serious hills! Way
    outside regen capacity for the downs, but wtf, I expect I'll
    finally see the good ol' WV mountains that I keep hearing about.
    After I finally drop out of there, I'll hit Rt. 66 and head in
    to another friend's house to spend a couple of days [and likely
    do a lot of laundry].
    Oh, Steve took me jet-skiing yesterday on a local lake. While
    they're fuel-sucking pigs, they *are* a lot of fun -- I'd never
    been on one before, but I quickly found my old dirtbiking chops
    coming right back to raise up off the seat a little and absorb
    the minor waves -- at 50 MPH over the water, no less. The place
    was virtually empty and the water pretty much mirror-flat, heading
    into a gorgeous sunset over the dam at the western end. That
    was a really great way to finish off the day. Steve's one of
    these fellas who works hard and plays hard...
    Of course the shop's right here in downtown [for what that's
    worth] Scottsburg, and it's eminently clear that most of the
    people around here have *no* concept of ecodriving ... plenty
    of kids in loud pickups runnin' around.
  18. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    Slotted into a quiet spot in the back lot of a Hampton Inn
    somewhere just into West Virginia, and their wireless seems
    to cover the parking lot reasonably well. Lessee if someone
    comes along and bangs on the windows at 3am, even though they
    can't see inside.
    Running 63.1 mpg avg so far; that's probably about where I'll
    end this tank unless I hit the serious hills first. I wasn't
    in any particular hurry today; just to get east a ways before
    I tooled through the truck section at the TA across the street.
    It's kind of impressive drifting quietly through the maze of
    sleeping giants, and of course most of them are snoring loudly.
    I decided it would be quieter over here.
  19. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    I finally arrived home yesterday, and the first half of my
    pix are located here. The house is still standing, woohoo...
    Tomorrow night, Aug 1, is when the Boston local CBS hypermiler
    segment airs. On the 11pm news, in theory. There may be a
    link off where it can be streamed or
    downloaded after airing; their site is such a script-swamp that
    I can't find it but I'm hoping some friends can capture the
    thing and burn some sort of recognizable media.
    You're all probably waiting for the deep-Prius-innards pix from
    Steve's back lot -- hang on, it's in the works...
    In the meantime, the person I was staying with in DC has posted
    a real ripper of an "anti-hypermiling" blog entry, in which
    it's clear that she's slurped up all the press kool-aid on
    what real-life ecodriving is NOT. With anonymous commenting
    turned off I get no opportunity for a rebuttal, which it clearly
    needs, so I'll put it over here: Smooth != slow, which I tried
    to make clear several times. Consider this scenario: what if your
    "idiot" was someone from out of state on the way to visit someone
    along that dark and sometimes twisty road, and simply trying
    to FIND a turn? Like I could easily have been the first time
    I tried to find your house? Please keep in mind the HUGE gulf
    in navigational competence between someone in unfamiliar territory,
    versus someone driving their normal route home which they can
    [and probably have] done in their sleep. The best way you can
    help those people is to BACK OFF and remove the increased
    pressure which is MORE likely to cause the accident. If your
    own timely arrival is so important, leave earlier next time,
    because there is always likely to be some "idiot" who isn't
    necessarily appreciating your impatience for a host of sound
    reasons. The attitude you refer to as "normal driving" is
    exactly why the roads are so choked and dangerous these days.
    If it's a decision between "smooth" and "abrupt", take one guess
    on which is orders of magnitude safer. You have no right to
    intimidate those you share the road with, and any trail of wreckage
    that your "Mr. Magoo" leaves behind is the fault of those who
    follow badly and screw themselves up.
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