UK to ban sales of new Petrol & Diesel powered cars and vans from 2040.

Discussion in 'General' started by Jocko, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Jocko

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    The big news, here in the UK, is the government's announcement that the UK is to ban sales of new Petrol & Diesel powered cars and vans from 2040. I assume the ban will include hybrids too. This is all very well, but our nuclear power station are coming to the end of their life and no one is in a rush to build new ones. Renewables are on the rise but still have a way to go. They recently closed my local coal fired power station so it will all be on oil and gas fired power stations. Fracking appears to be a non starter here too. So most of our oil and gas will have to be imported. Mind you, our petrol already has to be imported, so nothing new there.
    And all in the cause of reducing pollution.
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  2. puddleglum

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    So what are they saying they are going to replace them with, electric and fuel cell only?
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  3. Ban just the sale of, or any new registrations too? How many would leave the uk and import
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  4. seftonm

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    They want to ban sales of *conventional* gas and diesel cars. Mild hybrids and things like that may still be acceptable.
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  5. Jay

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    Politicians frequently make these green-sounding pronouncements way off into the future (after they are out of office) to score points with the green crowd. Meanwhile, Mazda just announced their spark-controlled-compression-combustion engine breakthrough that promises to be cleaner than BEV on a well-to-wheel basis. Most present-day hybrids are already cleaner than BEVs if the electric source is coal powered:
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    They are going to ban sales of new cars, so the used cars will be selling. That's right, "Most present-day hybrids are already cleaner than BEVs" and after some time they can be more improved. Till 2040 is more than 20 years, everything can changed.
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