GM Consent Order with NHTSA Moves to Voluntary Cooperation Model

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    [​IMG] Another black cloud over the automobile industry is lifted.

    [​IMG]June 22, 2017

    GM has successfully concluded a three-year consent order with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and is working with the agency to transition to a voluntary model for continuing dialogue on important vehicle safety issues.

    The three-year order, agreed upon on May 16, 2014, resolved claims related to the timeliness of GM’s ignition switch recalls. Among other things, the order required regular, ongoing discussions between GM and the agency on recalls and other vehicle safety issues

    The company has built a positive and productive relationship with NHTSA, and the proposal for a continuing dialogue includes regularly scheduled monthly meetings with senior agency officials, with expedited discussions as needed, covering field investigations, safety recalls and other issues. GM is also proposing periodic meetings with NHTSA and other stakeholders to advance safety discussions that benefit the industry as a whole.
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