Great looking Headlamps of the 2018 #Nissan #LEAF

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    [​IMG] It appears that the upcoming 2018 LEAF BEV will break away from the diminutive and non-distinct Versa Note.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – May 18, 2017


    Earlier today Nissan released a single teaser image of the all-new upcoming 2018 LEAF. While specs and full details are still a ways out, just this one carefully taken and framed shot gives us hope Nissan is going to catch up and surpass some of the recently revealed or offered BEVs that are slowly placing the LEAF in the rear view.

    This "teaser" image, released via social media and Nissan News, is the first in a series of photos and informational briefs scheduled this summer in preparation for the global reveal of the new Nissan LEAF later this year.

    Nissan's LEAF BEV will probably be launched at a $35k price point with a range in excess of 150 miles - more likely 225 miles AER with the expected 60 kWh pack - and a second larger traction battery offering by the refresh date in 2020 with an AER in excess of 300+ miles.

    The next question being will it still incorporate Level3 DC CHAdeMO or the new and more broadly supported by OEMs SAE J1772 Combined Charging System (CCS) standard? Adding another two pins, the LEAF CHAdeMO can then also access a CCS charge point.

    Today, the Nissan LEAF is the world's best-selling electric vehicle with more than 260,000 on the road globally.

    Will the upcoming LEAF look like the hot IDS Concept Nissan has shown us at numerous Auto Shows over the past two years?


    The all-new 2018 LEAF could add affordable panache to an electrified world of bland.

    #ElectrifyTheWorld #Nissan #LEAF
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    Nissan is continuing to be low key and modest. They are the opposite of hyperbolic; which is both good and not so good. The significance of this image is - the Leaf is losing the current "bug eyed" headlights; removing the single most polarizing element.

    I am looking forward to seeing the whole car, and learning about the specs.
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    Hi Neil:

    Me as well. The further they can move away from the Versa Note, the better. If the Versa Note arrives with a similar look, the same problem of a low rent $14k B-segment up against a low rent $35k B-segment arises.

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