2017 Toyota Prius Prime Wins 2017 World Green Car Award

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    [​IMG] The award winning 2017 Prius Prime is now available for an even more astounding price!

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – April 12, 2017

    2017 Toyota Prius Prime PHEV-25 - $27,985 to start including the $885 D&H charge while offering 25 miles of all-electric range, a 55/53 mpgUS city/highway rating as a standard hybrid and a world beating 133 MPGe rating in blended Electric and Hybrid Electric mode.

    Along with our first drive at the short lead, 2017 Toyota Prius Prime: Price + Content + Efficiency = WOW!!!, did you know there is a $1,000 Toyota rebate on top of the stunning price?

    As a recap, the base Prius Prime costs $27,985 + TTL. D&H fee rose by $20 since its launch late last year. Owners are also eligible for a $4,500 Fed Tax Credit and numerous state incentives including $1,500 state tax rebate in California, Massachusetts and Rhode Island make it a steal. This brings it down to $21,985 for those that qualify. But wait, that is not all. There is also $1k on the hood from Toyota and you should be able to knock off another $600 to $800 off from the dealer. Is a 2017 Toyota Prius Prime with the standard Safety Sense-P, P stands for Pedestrian detection, Radar CC, and FCW/Auto Braking for just $20,300 USD +TTL? SOB what a deal! :D

    New York, NY – At this year’s New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime was bestowed the honor of being the 2017 World Green Car.

    This is the second consecutive year Toyota earned the World Green Car title. Last year the award went to the Toyota Mirai.

    2017 Toyota Prius Prime

    A great way to skip the pump, reduce emissions, and increase your financial wherewithal.​

    The Prius Prime was chosen from an initial entry list of 12 new vehicles from all over the world. Tailpipe emissions, fuel consumption, and use of a major advanced power plant technology (beyond engine componentry), aimed specifically at increasing the vehicle's environmental responsibility, were all taken into consideration.

    Toyota is no stranger to the World Car Awards program, now in its 13th year. In addition to the Mirai’s win last year, the Toyota Prius earned “Top Three in the World” status in 2010 for both the World Green Car and the overall World Car of the Year categories. The Toyota Harrier Hybrid was the 2006 World Green Car of the year recipient.

    Vehicles in all award categories are selected and voted on by an international jury panel comprising 75 top-level automotive journalists from 23 countries around the world.

    It offers low emissions, efficiency beyond any other automobile available today, offers a choice of driving off the plug or the gas tank, it is safe, and it is also a better deal than the steal it was when first released last year. What more could you want from an automobile today? Well, maybe that rear middle seat and removal of the gloss white plastic inserts inside but I digress... ;)
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    I'm going to work on covering those white parts when I get the car.
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    Nice car, two things...
    1. This should just be the Prius (regular Prius is obsolete IMHO with advent of the PHEV Prime).
    2. Why isn't this for sale in Canada? Especially Ontario with our generous rebates.
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