Computing Optimal Road Trips On A Limited Budget

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    About a year ago, I wrote an article introducing the concept of optimizing road trips using a combination of genetic algorithms and Google Maps. During that time, I’ve given some thought to how I could make that algorithm more useful to folks looking to plan their summer road trips.

    One thought that struck me was that the road trips I created before were quite grandiose—spanning entire states or even most of Europe—such that only people who had some savings and were able to take a month off of work could even hope to go on one of the trips. In reality, most of us have budgetary constraints on our road trips: we can only spend so much money, or we only have so much time off before we have to get back to work.

    In this article, I’m going to expand on the idea of optimizing road trips by introducing multi-objective Pareto optimization to the algorithm. I’ll briefly describe how Pareto optimization works, and how it helps us optimize road trips on a limited budget.

    Note: If you’re not interested in the technical details of the project, skip down to the 48 U.S. state capitols in 8 1/2 days section.

    Full Story with link to open source code so you can plan your own trips.
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    I am a two pages at a session reader. (hint: reference to quote at the bottom of the article). Very interesting math, though...
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