Engineer Using Virtual Reality in "Who Makes a Honda" Video

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    [​IMG] An engineer that has experienced joy and hardship in her personal life, maintains focus on the job to make a better automobile.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Mar. 17, 2017

    Meet Melissa Vance, Senior staff engineer for the Technical Development Center at Honda North America's Honda Heritage Center.

    She leads Honda's innovative effort to use virtual reality to improve technical training and reduce costs. Through a "virtual" world she created, maintenance and equipment service technicians can practice their welding techniques before entering the weld booth, allowing them to hone their skills without the expense of using real materials.
    In her spare time, Vance enjoys coaching her three children in a variety of sports. Having lost her husband unexpectedly in 2013, Vance says that having a strong support system has helped her provide the childhood her kids deserve and handle the challenges of being a solo parent.
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    Thanks for sharing with us Wayne.

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    Hi All:

    Another in the "Who Makes a Honda" series...

    Kristina Kennedy, a senior engineer and quality project leader with Honda R&D Americas, Inc. in Ohio, is the latest subject of the What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda video series. Kennedy helps bring the voice of the customer to the product development team to enhance Honda products like the all-new 2018 Odyssey.

    "Diversity of thought is going to make us all stronger, it's going to make us all better, it's going to make our products better," said Kennedy. "Customers that we serve don't all use a car in one way, so it's important for our product development team to relate to those different voices and reflect that to our products."

    Four years ago, Kennedy helped create a network of female Honda engineers to help connect the women of the company. Her goal was to help the women find a mentor and meet new people.
    In her spare time, Kennedy enjoys volunteering for her daughter's Girl Scout troop. She often incorporates science, engineering and math activities into her troop meetings. Kennedy says she is inspired by their 'nothing is impossible' mindset.

    The What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda video series focuses on Honda associates who live out Honda's commitment to The Power of Dreams, a global theme that encourages Honda associates to conceive ideas that will create new value for customers and society and then show the determination required to bring those dreams to life. In addition, the video series spotlights the inspiring efforts of Honda associates in their work and in the community.


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