All-new 2018 Hyundai Accent

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    [​IMG] Just a glimpse.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Feb. 9, 2017

    Hyundai’s world premiere of its all-new 2018 Accent subcompact on February 16, at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.

    Ahead of the show, Hyundai released the teaser video of its feature vehicle with the brand’s latest signature design language. The new car features the cascading grille, slim and modern rear bumper, a sweeping roofline, and a sharp character line into slim rear combination wraparound lamps.

    Further details about the all-new vehicle will be revealed during the Hyundai press conference scheduled for 9:35 am (ET) on February 16, in the North building of the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

    The company will broadcast the debut live on its Facebook page:

    I have high hopes for a very efficient - 40+ percent thermodynamically efficient - all-new 1.4L from the Elantra Eco minus the turbo mated to the 6-speed DCT from the Ioniq. #FingerCrossed. Inside I have hope for a std. 7" display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and backup camera with dynamic guidelines.
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    It seems that B-class buyers , at least in North America , don't expect much from a car beyond "peppy" performance (short gearing , non-linear throttle response ) and jazzy styling ( lookie me ! ) . The current Accent was probably about best-in-class already. It will be interesting to see what this new car is like.
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    Umm, yeah, it was one of the plausible candidates I checked when shopping to replace my elderly Mazda in 2014. Top-gear ratio was indeed less ridiculously "short" than in a Fit, Note, or earlier Accent. In the very short, slow test drive I was allowed, I was disappointed by the meager cargo space, unimpressive low-speed torque, vague shifter, and restricted rearward view. All that and the sales manager's insisting I had to buy it immediately, before they supposedly would transfer their only in-stock manual Accent hatchback to a dealer in Ohio the next day.
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    I think sometimes a less-than-ethical dealer can sour one's impression of the car itself. I never actually drove the Accent or ANY of the B-class competition.

    And after driving a Fit , ANY other shifter will feel vague, I suspect. Based on the four Civics I have owned.
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