Venezuelan State-Oil Firm Poised For Default

Discussion in 'Business and Economics' started by Carcus, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Carcus

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    $50 billion in debt to the Chinese ,that's supposed to be paid for in oil. Venezuela defaults on that?.... isn't that the stuff wars are based on ?

    Where's the Hollywood elite (Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, etc... who used to buddy up and praise Chavez) where are they now?

    Kind of like those same elites who screamed, ranted and raged for the end of Apartheid in South Africa, ... and got it. Now what? South Africa used to have an enviable economy and everybody wanted in. Now it's a shlthole, and everybody wants out.

    So again, where are the Hollywood elites now? Are they talking about Venezuela? Are they talking about South Africa? Hell no. The romance and the bravado are over. All that's left is the carnage of bad politics and bad actors.
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  3. Carcus

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    .. and all the while, Hollywood loved them for it. Standing up against the capitalist pigs and helping the common man. -- not. This attitude seems to be growing in Hollywood and the left media (80% of the media) and it's bad news for everybody.
  4. xcel

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    Hi Carcus:

    Hollywood has little sway with this kind of crap. I hope you understand this.

    China will be left with a stranded asset until oil prices rise again. And Venezuela can always say nope, those previous oil bonds are junk now.

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  5. Carcus

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    Probably not to you or me (or most of the people who hang out here at Cleanmpg) but to a lot of Americans AND folks abroad,... Hollywood really does play into their "sound bite/image bite" political thinking. This is nothing new.

    The Importance of Hollywood

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