Hyundai's IONIQ Scooter Concept Provides First and Last Mile Mobility

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    [​IMG] Park where it makes a bit more sense and commute via Electric scooter. :)

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 29, 2016

    The Hyundai Electric Scooter Concept – Just a concept for now but what a great idea!

    Hyundai revealed its portable-mobility lightweight, electrically-powered concept – the IONIQ Scooter. The scooter is stored in the front door of the IONIQ BEV and allows customers to continue easily to their final destination.

    Compact last mile transportation

    The electric scooter allows drivers to continue their journey after parking or helping them to travel to public transit stations. The IONIQ Scooter is another innovation from Hyundai’s long-term R&D program, Project IONIQ.

    Hyundai’s IONIQ Breeds Lab for Innovative Mobility

    The compact scooter is charged while it sits conveniently inside the front door of the IONIQ Electric or possibly from any standard 120V outlet next to your work desk. The highlight is the fact it is stored in the IONIQ Electric’s front door rather than the trunk!


    Users can fold and unfold the scooter with just one hand, and its lightweight construction enhances its portability. The scooter is equipped with front and rear lights to aid visibility, and an occupant sensor detects when the rider is safely aboard before riding mode is enabled. Acceleration is controlled by the rider scrolling up their thumb switch, while braking is achieved by pressing a pad over the scooter’s rear wheel or scrolling down thumb switch.

    This is but one project providing future customers a seamless solution for end-to-end transportation.

    While there are other electric scooters, how many fit into the door of an Ioniq BEV? Is this fricken cool or what! ;)
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    This is cool!

    Thanks Wayne

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