Week of November 14 to November 20 (Nat'l Avg price $2.167)

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  1. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    last night:
    57.1 / 13.2 miles (74F S@9) new record high for today at 80F. :eek:
    FCD = 56.1 (+0.1)

    this morning with school drop off:
    56.5 / 13.2 miels (65F S@21 gusting to 30) could have been better if I had less people trying to rush me on a N-S road to take advantage of the winds.:(
    FCD = 56.1 (=)
    10% oil indicated this morning at 36658 miles (called in service for B -1 (oil, filter, tire rotation), airbag recall service and new battery) for Next Wed as will be taking a vacation day then. They want it all day.

    8.49 gals converted
    468.4 miles
    F_____|__i**E (1/4 of tank left.)
  2. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I went and looked, and yep. Record high here as well, 86F.
  3. WoodyWoodchuck

    WoodyWoodchuck Sophomore Hypermiler

    Pulling from the faulty old memory, because I didn’t write it down and don’t know how to pull it up…yet. I will post tank results as soon as I get used to the screen controls.

    Few errands locally. Mostly quick starts to get into 35/45MPH traffic then stopping for a traffic light or turning.

    PWR mode: 4.1 miles, FCD ~42.2 MPG.

    No heat, no radio, no lights.

    Still impressed for 5 shopping stops and zipping into running traffic. Many lights to wait at also. I did forget to hit the stop button once or twice when parking. I’m so used to turning the key and manually locking the door though, so I can forgive myself for now. The Prius did let me know with the steady beep, but I had no idea what it was trying to tell me! <LOL> I thought I hit the alarm button or something. It stopped when I got back in to try and figure out what it was beeping at. I’ll figure out this new-fangled technology eventually.

    I did shift into N once, while coasting a long straightaway and used “B” for decelerating once. Perfect meshing back into D. Easier than popping the clutch and rev syncing, although I do miss that. Hypermiling the Yaris was a very manual process. Except for DFCO I had to initiate everything. In the Prius it does most of it for me. ICE-off at a light… I don’t have to watch the cross light to time when to turn it back on.

    Thursday also, since I didn’t post this last night.

    Temp: 40 low, 60 high, Wind W at 7-9 (felt much windier). PWR mode: 14.1 Miles, 49.3MPG by the FCD.

    Mostly in town, 25/35 MPH, lots of lights. Two stops, one at the park for my walk then the pharmacy on the way home. 3 miles on highway 55 MPH, cruise set. Radio on, no heat, no lights. I did use “B” once on the exit ramp by mistake. I forgot this is the baseline! And I read the manual last night. I can do a tank reading but didn’t set it when I first picked the Prius up. I have the original odometer reading so when I fill up I’ll manually calculate it. Getting antsy, don’t know if I can wait for 4 baseline tanks to start seeing what I can get out of it. I am now thinking one tank PWR and one ECO with normal driving. With enough short trips it should give me a pretty good approximation of what the baseline mileage is that I will be working from.
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  4. RedylC94

    RedylC94 Well-Known Member

    Or maybe coast with the accelerator depressed even less, if at all, especially when the compressor is running. That's probably better than jumping from pure "gliding" to the brake pedal.
  5. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    First drive of the week for me this morning as on my own (car pooler working late), 36°F, some snow, 8mph cross/headwind SW, pretty good run and traffic light section was kinder to me :cool::

    49.8 (FCD 52.5) / 21.6

    Tank up 0.3 at 43.5 (FCD 45.9) / 425.6 / Range 160 . Guess gauge F____|_«««E . UG up 0.5 at 45.6 / DTE191
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  6. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 57.5 deg , nice tailwind (S12). 35.0 miles , 67.89 MPG. Tank has two pips remaining. 521.1 miles , 63.05 MPG. Expecting 30 deg temperature drop tonight , may have snow. Yippee. Will be taking scenic route home tonight.
  7. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Warm and windy ahead of the cold front moving in.

    57.5 / 5.2 - home last night
    59.7 / 11.5 - school and work

    Tank +0.9 to 57.4 / 132 mi, right at F.
  8. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    Last night on the warm side of the front that Andrew is on now:
    53.6 / 13.2 miles (72F S@15 gusting to 30) head winds.
    FCD = 56.1 (=)

    This morning on the back side of the front with school drop off:
    54.1 / 13.2 miles (50F NNW@ 13 gusting to 25 and temps dropping all day)
    FCD = 56.0 (-0.1)

    8.98 gals converted
    494.8 miles
  9. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 34.5 deg F , windy WNW 20. 34.9 miles , 56.54 MPG. Tank is at 591.1 miles , 62.68 MPG. Last pip started flashing at 575 miles , so I will be filling sometime this weekend , probably from a "strange" station because I won't be near (my) home. I will just apply the .93 factor to the fcd reading ; that's pretty reliable.
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  10. WoodyWoodchuck

    WoodyWoodchuck Sophomore Hypermiler

    Alright… Yesterday. Went to park and back, 14 miles. Then a road trip to Newark, DE (pronounced New-Ark’). Lots of stop and go highway traffic. When we did hit free flowing I had to go over 60 MPH to avoid being a road hazard! Sheesh folks fly now-a-days.

    Park: 14 miles – 53.2 MPG by FCD. 25/35 MPH city driving. One occupant, PWR mode, no heat, no radio, no lights.

    58 mile round trip: two occupants down, three back. PWR mode, 54.3 by FCD. Two accidents, ~5 miles total stop & go. Heat on 78 degrees, no radio, no lights down, lights on back. Had it not been a time sensitive trip, I would have pulled off for coffee and a slice of pie until traffic died down some.

    Today: Park & back – 14 miles, 52.1 by FCD. 3 occupants, PWR mode, no heat, no radio, no lights.

    Evening Playing taxi: Weather; around 32, sleet/hail/rain, 35+ MPH winds. ~1.5 hours, 3.8 Miles, 38.? MPG by FCD, PWR mode. Heat on 80, Driving lights on, no radio, Passenger seat heat on, interior luminated, car on the whole time. 4 occupants most of the time. I did not turn the lights or car off for picking up/dropping folks off as I thought that would be a ‘normal’ way to do it. I did use “P” when stopped, most of the time. Note to self: Weather appropriate clothing is not fashionable and I should be up to date on all the local gossip.
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  11. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Filled up Sunday morning. 615.5 miles , 10.005 gallons = 61.52 MPG. Fcd said 67.1 for 9% over-report. This I blame on the differences in pumps on two different Shell stations. I will apply my .93 factor for this tank : 67.1*.93 = 62.4 MPG. Either way , nothing to write home about. Next tank ( from "my" Shell ) , I will do it the same way.
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  12. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Friday lunchtime on my own, 43°F, made it to motorway:

    48.4 / 21.1

    Bit of running about at the weekend in my car, quite a few short trips - never great for MPG!. Couldn't put my car in garage which didn't help as we'd had a new freezer delivered for the utility room at the back:

    37.8 / 1.3 To pub Friday lunchtime, 2UP, 39°F
    34.1 / 1.9 To chemist, horrible speed bumps
    38.4 / 2.8 Home

    36.3 / 1.8 Saturday, 4UP
    34.3 / 1.9

    Sunday we had a run out to Wentworth Garden Centre and Historical Gardens, never been before, beautiful, 4UP, 41°F

    45.7 / 22.1
    48.1 / 21.5


    44.2 / 9.0 To some friends in the afternoon, 4UP, 42°F. Filled up (bit early) - gas was a good price:

    Tank Stats

    Miles on tank: 508.9 miles
    GallsUS: 11.69
    Calc. MPG : 43.51 MPG
    Calc. Range: 82.1 miles (allowing for extra in tank)
    FCD Range: 70 miles
    FCD MPG : 46.1 MPG (6.01% over-report )
    UG MPG : 45.0 MPG (3.33% over-report)
    No. of trips: 32
    Average trip length: 15.9
    Average speed 27mph
    Driving time on tank: 18hrs 41mins
    Days since last fill: 26
    % Commuting: 50.9%
    Ave. Temperature: 45.9°C
    Ave. no. of people in car: 2.68
    Pmpg for the tank: 120.1

    Average over-report is up slightly to 5.5%.

    Fill-up to home, 3UP, 44°F:

    44.1 / 8.1

    Managed a 53.7 mile bike ride Saturday morning, lots of climbing - 3116ft of elevation gain!
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