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    Howdy all!

    I’m back after a long nasty illness. Hospital, bedridden, had to relearn to walk and all that. Much better now and back on the road!!! Still have neuropathy from the knees down so relearning how to drive without any feeling in the legs is a challenge. I rely on the Scangauge much more than I remembered. Helps me know just how much pressure on the right pedal I really am using. Without it I would only have the seat of my pants to go by. Less than highly accurate!

    So, my beloved 2008 Yaris hatch with a mere 95k on it got rear-ended a few months after I was back on the road. Waiting at a light and someone hits me, pushing me into the vehicle in front of me, then him into someone else... Totaled my little baby. Did its job perfectly though! Crumpled like it was supposed to and I walked away uninjured. I need to add it was a fantastic machine. No troubles ever with it. It will be missed.

    Been driving a 201? Hyundi Elantra for a week now, Enterprise rental. Don’t know how accurate the dash gauge is but says I was squeezing mid 50’s for MPG out of it. If so, I was pretty impressed! That is with timid Hypermiling efforts, no ICE off or anything like that. I would have liked to have it a bit longer so I could calculate a few tanks for myself to verify.

    Bought a 2013 Prius hatch with 29k on it today. Pick it up next Tuesday. I wanted one back in 2008 but couldn’t afford it. This used Prius was the same price as a new Yaris, or Camry for that matter. The interior of the new Yaris has some issues, but we can discuss that in the Toyota section. My Yaris averaged about 48 MPG over its life. Winter lows and the great summer highs! Hitting over 60 MPG on a string of tanks sure brought a smile to me.

    It will take me a bit to get used to the Prius, and learn how to use it properly. This is my first Hybrid. I’m looking forward to joining the challenges in the hybrid division. Are they still happening? I’ll have to go check… Not sure how I’ll do against the big boys, but I’ll sure be in there trying! Best take note as there is a new old Prius on board.

    I’m retired now so drive casually to different parks to walk and go fishing. About half and half, highway city driving. Usually 30 minute daily trips with once or so a week an hour drive. The good fishing is a two hour drive so I’ll be making that a few times a week for overnight trips when the runs are good. Highways are 65 MPH speed limit in NJ so I try to take alternate routes. Delaware is mostly 55 MPH speed limit so that I can take. In the Yaris, 45 MPH was my prime MPG speed. Not sure what it will be in the Prius.

    Anyway. Just wanted to say hey to Y'all and thank Wayne for finding my account and getting me back on the forum. Now, I have some forum reading to do. Need to get all the tips for squeezing the best out of a Prius. There sure are some gizmos and gadgets on that thing. Lighted buttons and stuff too! There is this arch/cavern kinda thing under the dash, front of the center console. It has some switch that warms the seat should your hiney get cold. They put the gauges and such right in front of the steering wheel, where they are handy. Not in the center of the dash like I got used to. There is even a TV looking thing right there on the dash. I asked the salesman where the hand crank for the window was… Apparently you use buttons for that now. Who knew?

    Woody Woodchuck
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    Welcome back! I hope that your recovery continues to go as well as it has been. Learning how to drive without any feeling in your legs is difficult, I've dealt with it for awhile. I have to use the tachometer to tell me how fast I'm accelerating. Not sure the Prius really has a tach?

    That actually could work to your benefit though! It'll keep you in EV mode longer ;)
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    Quite inspirational. I had thoughts of Rumpelstiltskin as I read your reintroduction. :)

    Be well, good luck and enjoy the Prius.
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