The Curse of Remote Start

Discussion in 'General' started by Jay, Sep 20, 2016.

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    The automotive scientists that study engine wear, and what causes it, learned long ago that the cold start/warm-up engine cycle causes the most wear. They also learned that the best way to minimize wear in the cold start/warm-up regime is:

    1. Avoid cold starts. Try to consolidate trips so that only 1 cold start is necessary.
    2. Get out of the warm-up regime as soon as possible. That is, get moving and put a moderate load on the engine right away. Their research found that idling an engine warm doesn't put enough load on it to get it warmed quickly and contributes to high engine wear by prolonging the warm-up cycle.

    There are other reasons for getting underway right after starting a cold engine. First, transmissions, cv joints, wheel bearings, etc. also need to warm up and the only practical way to warm them is to get moving. Second, idling an engine warm causes:

    1. excessive and unnecessary fuel consumption
    2. excessive pollution

    For these reasons, auto manufacturers don't recommend idling an engine warm

    Which brings me to my gripe: I notice that many of the newer cars offer remote start either as an option or standard equipment. Not only are auto manufacturers enabling their customers to engage in a bad practice that causes excessive engine wear and excessive pollution while wasting fuel, they are legitimizing the practice too. Is this the triumph of marketing over good sense or what?
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    Hey, they're building cars so much better these days they had to do something to recover some of the designed obsolescence they used to have. :( I really HATE the polluting aspects of all that idling. Too many at work idle their engines in the parking lot for no reason I can see. They use the remote start because they have it. We have it on our C-MAX but have never used it.
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    Bill, they even use the thing to cool their cars on hot days. "I'm a wastrel and I don't care! Give me remote start!"

    The woman across the street walks out to her car in the street and starts it then goes back inside and forgets! Hours later her car is still running with the radiator fan cycling on and off. She could probably benefit from remote start. I think those things have timers.

    The guy next door with the big diesel F-250 starts his noisy engine and clatters it in our ears at the crack of dawn for 15 to 20 minutes before driving away. The prevailing winds blow the fumes into our house.
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    Yes, I've seen that with pre-cooling too, even on days when it is nice (60s) out. Just open the windows and drive away, is that so hard?

    Good thought on the timer function.

    I believe there is an anti-idling law in Massachusetts (5 minutes unless necessary for safety or job function), but of course it is not enforced. They don't even bother enforcing the 4-way stop sign right next to my work. It's true what people say about bad or aggressive drivers in Mass.

    Sort of related (idling)... last night I was parked at a CVS waiting for my wife to pick up her prescriptions. An older Jeep Wrangler pulls up next to me and idles, no intention to enter the store or do anything else apparently. I had to move to another, more distant parking space to get away from the rough idle fumes. That driver stopped the engine once, then almost immediately started it again. 15 minutes later, she pulls away, never having left the vehicle. Oh it makes me so mad. I would never condone violence, but sometimes, I can understand where the eco-terrorists are coming from.
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    The irony is that fuel-wasting remote start is an easy software upgrade for any connected car with fuel saving start/stop. Mine has remote start because all they had to do was add some code to the smartphone app. Since Volvo charges an exorbitant subscription fee to use the app (F-that, I said) they make out like bandits. All they have to do is lure you in with a 6-month complimentary subscription and your lazy behind is hooked.
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  6. My Sierra came with remote start. Haven't used it and don't plan on it.

    For cold days I have a block heater that should be here any day.
    For hot days, I enabled the 'all windows down' from the key fob option. Hold down the unlock button, all the windows roll down and start airing out the cab.
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  7. BillLin

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    That's exactly how it is available in the C-MAX. There will be costs associated with the connected features after 3 or 5 years, I forget which.
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    This is a common scenario esp in winter time - more people should know abt this -

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