Subaru August 2016 Sales Up 14.7% with 60,418 Vehicles Sold

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    [​IMG] The brand called Subaru continues on its record setting ways.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Sept. 1, 2016

    2017 AWD Subaru Impreza in an environment where it reigns supreme. – Pricing and EPA are TBA but given the current AWD Impreza has a 28/37 mpg rating, the next gen may touch 39 or even an incredible 40 mpg highway. If the Subaru engineers have achieved that level of efficiency, it would be the highest result of any mass produced AWD vehicle in US automotive history!

    Subaru August 2016 Sales Overview

    Subaru achieved record August US sales of 60,418 vehicle, up 14.7 percent over the 52,697 sold in August of 2015. August was the 30th consecutive month of 40,000+ vehicle sales and was the best-ever sales month in company history, breaking the previous sales record of 56,274 sold in December of 2015.

    Keeping score, Subaru has now achieved 57 consecutive months of month-over-month growth.

    YTD sales of 391,969 was up 4.4 percent over the 375,632 sold through the same period of 2015.

    Subaru August 2016 Sales Highlights


    The Outback, Legacy and Forester achieved spectacular results in August. The three achieved their best August in history and best month ever for the Outback and Forester.

    The Forester achieved August sales of 19,658, up 11.9 percent over the 17,565 sold in August of 2015. YTD sales of 114,769 was up 0.5 percent over the 114,204 sold through the same period of 2015.

    Outback achieved August sales of 17,358, up a stunning 56.2 percent over the 11,113 sold in August of 2015. YTD sales of 109,448 was up 17.3 percent over the 93,293 sold during the same period of 2015.

    Legacy August sales of 5,800 was up 35.5 percent over the 4,281 sold in August of 2015. YTD sales of 41,369 was up 9.0 percent over the 37,954 sold during the same period of 2015.


    August 2016 U.S. Automobile Market Share Detail


    In August, Ford’s U.S. market share was down a significant 0.7 percent.

    Subaru on the other hand experienced an uptick of 0.7 percent thanks to their blowout August results shown below.

    On a volume basis, August of 2016 US Auto sales of 1.51 million vehicles down a rather steep 3.8 percent below August of 2015s 1.57 million vehicle sales result.

    2016 YTD sales of 11.2 million is up 0.3 percent above the 11.58 million vehicles sold through the same period of 2015.

    U.S. August 2016 Sales vs. August 2015 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 14 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM August 2016 Sales Down 5.2% with 256,429 Vehicles Sold
    Ford August 2016 Sales Down 8.4% with 214,482 Vehicles Sold
    Toyota August 2016 Sales Down 5.0% with 213,125 Vehicles Sold
    FCA August 2016 Sales Up 3.1% with 196,756 Vehicles Sold
    Honda August 2016 Sales Down 3.8% with 149,571 Vehicles Sold
    Nissan August 2016 Sales Down 6.5% with 124,638 Vehicles Sold
    Hyundai August 2016 Sales Up 0.0% with 72,015 Vehicles Sold
    Subaru August 2016 Sales Up 14.7% with 60,418 Vehicles Sold
    Kia August 2016 Sales Down 7.9% with 54,248 Vehicles Sold
    Mercedes-Benz August 2016 Sales Up 2.1% with 31,909 Vehicles Sold
    BMW August 2016 Sales Down 7.2% with 30,500 Vehicles Sold
    VW August 2016 Sales Down 9.1% with 29,384 Vehicles Sold
    Mazda August 2016 Sales Down 12.8% with 26,109 Vehicles Sold
    Audi August 2016 Sales Up 2.5% with 19,264 Vehicles Sold

    In August, Toyota moved within 1,357 vehicles of overtaking Ford for the 2nd position. The juggernaut called Subaru overtook Kia and has now placed Hyundai clearly in its gun sights.

    The seasonally adjusted annual selling rate (SAAR) for light vehicles in August was 17.2 million vehicles. On a YTD sales basis, light-vehicle SAAR was 17.3 million vehicles.

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