Hyundai Blue Link Turns 5

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    In 2011, Hyundai launched Blue Link Connected Services. Since that time, Hyundai Blue Link has handled more than 90,000,000 requests from customers and the requests continue to increase.


    Hyundai Blue Link subscribers remote started their Hyundai’s more than 22 million times and remotely locked the doors more than 2.5 million times. Hyundai’s cloud-based Blue Link platform allows remote start and service information to be accessed through smartwatches and smartphones.

    From inside the car, Blue Link can search for destinations, schedule service and call for emergency assistance after a collision.

    5 Years of Hyundai Blue Link Highlights
    • Blue Link Remote Starts - 22,849,355
    • Blue Link Door Locks - 2,712,625
    • Blue Link Door Unlocks - 1,163,078
    • Blue Link Automatic Collision Notification Assisted - 17,335
    • Blue Link Stolen Vehicles Recovered - 2,710
    • Blue Link Point of Interests Searched - 8,764,688
    • Blue Link Monthly Vehicle Health Reports - 25,000,000
    One detail I found very interesting is there was a 2016 Sonata customer in Rhode Island that used Remote Start 232 times in a single month. Not even close to efficient but this individual is receiving his $s worth.

    New additions like smartwatch connectivity and more robust integration with Hyundai dealers are now part of the platform.

    Top Five Search Categories:
    1. Restaurants – 22%
    2. Street addresses – 10%
    3. Health (doctor, dentist, hospital, pharmacy) – 7.4%
    4. Home good stores – 5.4%
    5. Lodging – 5%
    Trending Searches:
    1. Hyundai dealers
    2. Target
    3. Starbucks
    4. Costco
    5. Home Depot

    Since its launch, Blue Link continued to evolve with the following additions listed in the timeline below:

    2016 – Blue Link celebrates its fifth anniversary
    2016 – Blue Link remote start and car finder take leading roles in Hyundai Super Bowl television advertisements (Jan.)
    2015 – Blue Link app for Apple Watch launches (June)
    2015 – Blue Link app for Android Wear launches (March)
    2015 – Blue Link honored as Best Car Tech at CES by TechRadar (Jan.)
    2015 – Hyundai Blue Link debuts smartwatch app with voice recognition at Consumer Electronics Show (Jan.)
    2014 – Genesis Intelligent Assistant launches (Nov.)
    2014 – Blue Link mobile 3.0 app launches (Nov.)
    2014 - Blue Link launches vehicle safeguard alerts in-vehicle app (Nov.)
    2014 – Blue Link wins one of Laptop Magazine’s Best of Consumer Electronic awards (Jan.)
    2014 – Second generation of Blue Link launches with destination search powered by Google (Jan.)
    2014 – Hyundai announces relationship with Verizon Enterprise Solutions with integration provided by Covisint Corporation (Jan.)
    2013 – New vehicles equipped with Blue Link come with three-years of Assurance Connected Care (March)
    2012 – New mobile app launches (May)
    2011 – Blue Link pricing announced (June)

    What’s next? Who knows but Hyundai’s Connected Services are some of the best and there is no stopping both the technology and innovation. I personally cannot wait to see what the Flying H brand has in store for us going forward. ;)

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