Upgraded from 2014 to 2016 Volt

Discussion in 'GM' started by alster, Jul 4, 2016.

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    Couldn't resist over $11,000 off msrp on a new 2016 LTZ Volt, loaded w/ options. Traded in our 2014 Volt. I noticed mpg just on gas is a considerable improvement. From Wilsonville Chevrolet, just south of Portland Oregon, to home in Seaside, according to the gauge just on gas: 84.3 miles and 1.72 gal's used, 49.012 mpg, also electric range has improved considerably as well. Had to take the long way home as well due to a crash on Highway 26.

    Not bad for a new engine, new tires with low pressure as well. Need to up them from 33 lbs to 40 PSI. Michelin energy saver AS tires from the factory. Seems like electric range in summer will be well over 50 miles per charge, probably closer to 60 miles.

    We have the 240 volt charger so were committed to at least one electric car in the family, also the $7,500 Fed. Tax Credit is a real plus come tax time...
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  2. Congrats.
    You should be able to get well over 60 on a charge with the new one.
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    Nice car , alster. Hope that works out well for you. I'm watching the Volt stories closely.
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    My sister and bother in law just bought a 2017 Volt. They were so impressed with our 2014 Volt and the new and improved
    2016 Volt we just bought they couldn't resist. Electric range is going up as well. The gauge just read 55 miles on all electric.

    If you think of all the research that has gone into the production as well as the development of the Volt line the technology involved is simply amazing.

    Also with the Fed Tax Credit, $7,500, for those who qualify, the price of our new Volt is close to that of a Civic and less than a Prius. Our purchase price of our 2016 Volt with the fed tax credit pencils out out to $21,500, the price of a Honda Civic, and this is a loaded, MSRP 40,225 LTZ Volt we purchased.
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    ...and they told two friends, and they told two friends... (remember the shampoo commercial? my mind's been totally corrupted with old tv commercials; I also initially thought it was a Double Mint commercial, but that just had twins.)

    No wonder the Volt is selling so well, despite the recent bad "press" we've seen recently here.

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