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Discussion in 'Business and Economics' started by Emilee Read, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Emilee Read

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    I know this is the business and economics section but I don't know where to place my thread so pardon me. I wonder if anyone here knows an application similar to Skype? I conduct a weekly video conference with my staff (I work in a marketing firm in Manila) and it seems that every now and then we encounter problems with the audio as well as sending files. I want something wherein my team can easily share files so we can all meet our deadlines and of course it should be compatible with whatever gadgets they may have (iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Microsoft Windows, USB speakerphones, wireless audio devices, etc.). I need recommendations guys so we can upgrade our video conferencing software. Message me or leave it here. Thanks in advance!
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  3. xcel

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  4. NaturalNaturer

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    You mean conducting a meeting using your mobile phones and holds secure conferencing? I guess, there are a lot of choices you could find online. i just don't know if it is compatible to any devices. You can have Google Hangouts , LoopUp , Gotomeeting and so many others.
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  6. ALS

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    Hi Jay,

    I had Hangouts on my new Google Fi LG 5X phone and had to disable Hangouts to be able to make phone calls. :(
    I would try to make or receive a call and I would get an error that Hangouts crashed stopping the call from coming in or going out.
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    My friend also recommended GoToMeeting as well as WebEx. But my boss said they've tried the latter before but they ran into some problems so they reverted to Skype. Anyway, I found a good WebEx alternative and got it approved. We've been using it since August and it's working just great.

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