Hyundai’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Update Is Here for More Models

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    [​IMG] “Just Do It” yourself!

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – May 28, 2016

    Hyundai has just expanded their vehicle owner’s smartphone integration capability with several more models receiving Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through a do-it-yourself installation procedure. The software update is now available at no cost through MyHyundai.

    The software will also be available at Hyundai dealerships nationwide for an installation fee starting this June.

    Is your Hyundai on the list?

    Hyundai made a software upgrade available using the MyHyundai portal last year when Android Auto was offered to 2015 Sonata owners with Navigation. Hyundai stated they will continue to allow their vehicles to be upgraded with easy-to-do installs via the same portal going forward.

    To complete the software upgrade, owners need their VIN number and a USB memory stick or the SD card from their Navigation system. MyHyundai has installation guides to walk customers through the process. In the near future, consumers will have access to do-it-yourself YouTube installation videos and will include detailed download and installation instructions on the software.

    Hyundai will soon make an announcement about CarPlay and Android Auto upgrades for the following 2016 model-year vehicles equipped with Navigation: Sonata Hybrid, Sonata Plug-In Hybrid, Veloster and Azera.

    Estimated upgrade times are dependent on Internet speed


    Dealer Install?

    If you cannot perform the upgrade on your own, your local dealer can install the SW but it will not be cheap. Just do it yourself.

    Apple CarPlay allows you to use your iPhone in the car for Phone, Messages, Music and Maps.

    CarPlay delivers an instantly recognizable experience to iPhone users allowing them to make calls, get directions w/ traffic conditions, and listen to music and access messages. Siri provides drivers an eyes-free experience by responding to requests through voice commands that are easily and directly accessed through the steering wheel’s voice button. Using a Lightning connector, CarPlay works with iPhone 5 and newer models running the iOS 7.1 or higher.

    Android Auto provides a familiar screen and physical controls while working with the mic in their car. When using, the smartphone’s screen becomes “locked,” so drivers are not tempted to look down and interact with their phones while Android Auto is in use.

    Owners will need the Android 5.0 “Lollipop” operating system or later and the Android Auto companion app on their compatible phone to utilize Android Auto. A micro USB cable is required to connect the phone to the car’s USB port. The first time an owner plugs his or her phone into their parked compatible Hyundai, the phone will prompt the download of the Android Auto companion app from the Google Play store. Users of Android Auto will instantly recognize familiar Android phone applications, such as Google Maps, Google Now, messaging, phone calling and Google Play Music. These applications can be controlled by voice, steering wheel controls and touchscreen. Android Auto will also offer many popular third-party audio apps, including iHeartRadio, Spotify, TuneIn, NPR, Stitcher, Slacker, Skype, TextMe and many more.

    Hyundai’s Standard Display Audio

    Hyundai’s Display Audio system features a high-resolution 7-inch color touch-screen display with Hyundai’s latest and most innovative in-vehicle technology including a multi-use home screen, HD Radio, mixed AM, FM and SiriusXM presets, along with Pandora-link integration.

    Additional Display Audio Features:
    • Integration with Apple’s Siri Eyes Free and CarPlay
    • Functionality allows owners of compatible vehicles to use the voice command button on the steering wheel to ask
    • Siri questions without taking their eyes off the road
    • Supports making calls, selecting and playing music, composing and reading back text messages, using Maps and getting directions, reading notifications, finding calendar information, and adding reminders, among other functions
      Integration with Google’s voice actions and predictive Google Now functionality through Android Auto
    • Functionality allows owners of compatible vehicles to find destinations in Google Maps, set appointment reminders, make and receive calls, respond to text messages with intuitive voice commands and more
    • Pandora integration
    • SiriusXM Satellite Radio with enhanced features
    • Pause, back and play for current station
    • Automatic recording of top six presets
    • SiriusXM Travel Link
    • Sports scores and schedules, stock ticker, movie times, fuel prices and weather/alerts
    • Advanced voice recognition
    • Multi-touch screen that supports swipe and wipe gestures
    • New home screen with multiple functions
    • Eight-Inch Navigation System
    Hyundai’s eight-inch navigation system offers an enhanced display and home screen that shows map and music information, regardless of the music source.

    Blue Link provides Remote Start with Climate Control, a Monthly Vehicle Health Report, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Car Finder and Stolen Vehicle Recovery. Remote features can be accessed via Hyundai’s smartphone app or Web portal. Blue Link also features maintenance alerts and safety features, such as Automatic Collision Notification and SOS. The Blue Link system uses a 4G connection. The Blue Link Connected Care package includes safety and diagnostic features and is standard for one year on equipped models.

    Personal Notes

    Being an Android power user, I find Android Auto to be a bit more constricting as your phone has to be tethered, the tethering process can and does sometimes cause the system or your phone to hang during connect/disconnect and the limited functionality available once Android Auto is active takes away from the experience of the std. apps in the higher trim vehicles imho. If you already have a full Navigation suite, Pandora and iHeart radio, SMS Text messaging with canned replys, you have now locked your interface into the very basic looking Google one and it is pretty plain looking. Google Maps voice navigation works far better than any car system so there is a huge plus.

    Hyundai Navigation vs. Android Auto Navigation Interfaces

    Android Auto NAVI Interface

    16 Soanta Hybrid NAVI Interface​

    For a low end vehicle with Display Audio only, Android Auto can be great! Meaning your phone is now your high end Navigation without the large embedded Navi cost.

    In both cases however, once your phone loses connectivity, your Google maps go to a very basic display that is pretty useless for navigation afterwards.

    I am just throwing this out there as I am actually disappointed in Android Autos programs cheap looking interface and “must tether” interaction by comparison to a std. high end display audio and navigation system the OEMs provide plus the standard Bluetooth connectivity we are all already familiar with.
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    The OEM display does look nice, but I personally find the OEM NAV routing behavior somewhat quirky. When I'm in a situation where I really need some kind of route guidance, I frequently have the cell phone up with Google Maps along with the on board NAV. I have found the free traffic info provided by Google Maps more accurate than the paid traffic subscription. With construction on I64 (finally) underway here, and now summer tourist traffic adding to the afternoon commuting fun, traffic info is becoming pretty important. I'd be willing to look at a less than pretty picture on the large display, as long as the info was more accurate.

    Hopefully it won't be too long for us to be able to compare for ourselves. ;-)


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    I really hate Google / Apple maps display as I find the back ground to light and hard to read
    I much prefer the display in viago app or sygic app .
    But I do like google traffic
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    2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and PHEV-27 Owners Receive Android Auto and Apple Car Play

    Hyundai just added advanced smartphone integrations to several more existing 2016 models via do-it-yourself installation with smartphone integration across every 2017 model standard. The software update compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is now available at no cost through MyHyundai. The software will also be available at Hyundai dealerships nationwide for an installation fee.

    Compatible Hyundai Systems
    • 2016 Sonata Hybrid w/ Navigation
    • 2016 Sonata PHEV-27 w/ Navigation
    • 2016 Veloster w/ Navigation
    • 2016 Azera w/ Navigation
    • 2015 Azera w/ Navigation
    The 2017 Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport will arrive with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto std. soon. All other 2017 model Hyundai vehicles with eligible Display Audio or Navigation systems include both smartphone integration solutions from launch.

    In 2015, Hyundai became the first automaker in the world to offer Android Auto and in May 2016, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integrations were offered as an upgrade (see above) for eight existing models via MyHyundai. Hyundai continues to offer a customer-focused user experience by leveraging the MyHyundai platform providing customers the option to update their cars for free on their own schedules.

    To complete the software upgrade, owners need their VIN number and the SD card from their Navigation system. has installation guides to walk customers through the process. Consumers can access to do-it-yourself installation videos. The videos can be found on and the Hyundai USA YouTube channel and include detailed download and installation instructions on the software. How-to-use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto videos also are available on and the Hyundai USA YouTube channel.

    Upgrade Times for all of the above models

    Computer Download Time: 1 – 3 hours
    Software Upload Time (Inside vehicle): 40 mins.
    Requires Map Update Via SD Card

    Dealer Install Fees

    If a customer does not wish to complete the software download and upload procedure on their own, they can take their vehicle into their local dealer. The dealer will charge the customer a fee for the labor required to install the software.
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    Great info! Didn't even get message from Hyundai about this update. I'm Installing now after downloading the 9 GB. Don't care or need phone integration yet but seems it might also include map updates (despite being free).

    PS Android Auto is getting wireless support using WiFi and also activate by voice only without requiring touch. Don't know when that will be released but supposedly coming months.

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