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Discussion in 'Fuel' started by Big Kev, May 20, 2016.

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    For those keen to know accurately what their fuel consumption it is important you find a service station with bowsers that are accurate.

    I have found that some stations are run by dodgy brothers inc., where I'm sure they pay the Gibarco mechanics a cash bonus to make sure they under-deliver.

    By recording fuel consumption every day on my car I have discovered that some bowsers give me more than I pay for and others rip me off by up to 20%!

    As a result I have managed to get over 500 litres of free fuel in the past 3.5 years.

    By filling up at the same (favourable bowser ave +3%) every day at the same station I can compare apples with apples.....rather than apples with bananas.

    Big Kev_Downunder
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    Um , Kev........ a lot of us are wondering what a "bowser" is. Is it a fuel pump ? Here , we mostly assume ( at least I do) that the pumps are periodically inspected and are pretty accurate. Once , I filled at a station in a very small town in Pennsylvania (you know , where Dracula lives) and suspected that it was charging me for 11 gallons when I was pretty sure I couldn't have used more than 10.2.

    I also try to fill at the same station , same bowser, every time.
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