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  1. Up to 18 visits for issues. (Does not count a few tire rotations). Just for issues, not maintenance.
    Engineer from Milford has been to the dealer 2-3 times in that 18, plus 3 more times he met me at my workplace.
    Additional tech from the factory has also been out to the dealer to work on the car 2-3 times in the 18.
    The last round of repairs last fall they replaced my dash cluster, center stack, bcm, radio controller, some wiring, and probably something else I'm forgetting.
    I drove around 2-3 weeks with a data logger hooked into the back of the center stack recording what the car is doing.
    After the last service visit the tech said 'he was done with my car'. I went to get it and said, it's not fixed. Dealership called the tech who said there was nothing else he could do. Dealership called a regional manager, and 3 months of back and forth calls from someone at gm, this last week GM says, ' at this point we are not going to buy back the car, but we will send a tech out to inspect it'. I reminded him that they have already sent out a tech multiple times, an engineer multiple times and have tried 18 times to fix the car and everyone has given up. "Well, maybe this time we'll get it fixed"

    I know I've ranted about this before, sorry. This is just ridiculous. I don't know if it's worse, but I still love driving it. I'll go bang my head into a wall a few more times, maybe it will knock some sense into me.

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  2. brick

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    It seems insane to me that GM would rather spend that many warranty work hours and who knows how much in parts than buy back the car. If I'd had this much trouble with my Volvo I can almost guarantee they would have bought it back without much of a fight. As an absolute minimum they would have offered a heavily incentivized trade into one that wasn't screwed up.

    What are the main issues now? My recollection is that you were mainly battling electronic gremlins but I might have missed something.
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  3. Still the electronic gremlins. I'd be happy with a heavily incentivetized trade
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  4. xcel

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    Hi James:

    So sorry to hear this. :(

  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Don't apologize for the rant, James. People (and GM) need to hear this. Thanks for being the General's guinea pig. Hopefully , they eventually get this right , or at least take care of you with a good trade. Maybe a 2016 Volt for $5K ?
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    Does the dealership have a big shiny glass front?
    Cause if this were me, that is right where that car would end up.
    Old school Discount Tire commercial style.
    But this would be a car.
    On fire.
  7. Got an ummm, probably not so happy DM from GM on Twitter. Im thinking they don't like my tweets about this issue. Said I need to continue to deal directly with the rep on the phone on this matter. Odd, he called me a little while later and made it clear there will be no buy back or trade in Assistance and that they are sending out another tech soon.

    Guess I'll post another video of the dash acting up this morning
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  8. JonNC

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    Ummm... Wow...

    I think your next tweet should be to a law firm that specializes in lemon laws.
  9. BillLin

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  10. ALS

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    Ditto on a lawyer that specializes in Lemon Law cases.

    You will be amazed how quickly they'll get back to you after a letter and the threat of a lawsuit by a lawyer.

    It would be cheaper for GM to buy the car back than go to court over this.
  11. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Judging from his patience and persistence so far , I think it's possible James wants them to FIX the car.
  12. Went the attorney route once. GM's attorney successfully argued that it wasn't a lemon, they were fixing it. Don't know if that would prohibit filing again. Especially since now, after the attorny route, their own engineer gave up and said nothing else he could do.

    The call with GM today, they guy said "well maybe the tech we're sending out next will fix it"

    Talked to the dealership service guy today too, he hasn't heard anything about another tech coming out. But it may not have trickled down to him yet.

    Blows my mind why they even would want to leave me in it.
  13. BillLin

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    With the number of service calls and even a factory technician being sent out, I think GM has shown it cannot fix the problem. I take it the problem is an intermittent one with the electronics? I've had my share, though my wife has seen them more than I. The head unit for the GPS/radio on this PIP was replaced under warranty, but the original problem lingered. Hmmm, fixed the wrong thing, did they? Now the C-MAX has the radio rebooting for no apparent reason, again, only seen by the wife. I think she's the cause.
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  14. Need to come up with a catchy hash tag campaign and post a service record every couple of days.

    And yea Edwin, I'd love for it to have been fixed. But my patience after 18 visits, months of out of service, phone calls and head aches, is shot.
    One more visit to fix it doesn't seem like much, but I've been told that a dozen or so times
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  15. ALS

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    My General Motors LEMON Volt.
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  16. JonNC

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    If they didn't like what you were tweeting before, go at it hard.
    Maybe the local news will pick it up?
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  17. BillLin

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    I haven't used Twitter, but I am amazed at the power of Tweets!
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  18. I've tagged 2 local fox stations so far. Been using #NotFixedYet. Probably just run with that. Start scanning in all the service records this weekend
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  19. Bill, the main electrical issue is pretty constant, easy to duplicate. Everyone involved has seen it. Dealership has even video recorded it.

    I keep noticing new little quirks with it and the dealership kinda thinks it might be inverter related.

    I took the car to upstate NY to see my sister in Feb. Couldn't charge for the entire trip. Electrical gremlins were gone for the whole trip. Get back home, L2 charge, they're back- every time. 46 mile to work this morning, center stack flashing at me the entire trip. L1 charge it's intermittent.
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  20. BillLin

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    I hope the next technician is willing and has management support to swap that inverter. If the source of the problem, that would get you going quickly and they can debug the inverter at their leisure. ...and the same logic applies to any other likely components. At this point, it is an ongoing embarrassment for GM.
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