“Ride of the Month” - July 2007.

Discussion in 'My Ride' started by xcel, Jul 4, 2007.

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    Brian Morris commutes over the Sierra Nevada’s on a daily basis in his 2007 Yaris named Pregnant Rollerskate.

    [xfloat=right]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/546/Brian_Morris_-_2007_Toyota_Yaris_in_front_of_Lake_Tahoe.jpg[/xfloat]Brian Morris - CleanMPG - July 4, 2007

    This is my 2007 Toyota Yaris Liftback in Blazing Blue Metallic. It has a 1.5L engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. It is the middle of the run of this lower model, meaning it has a factory stereo and the "cold weather package", but no power windows, etc. I do not like powered things like windows, locks, seats, mirrors, etc. as they are always the first thing to fail on most cars, and always cost way more to repair than they are worth.

    As you might have guessed, my Yaris is fond of Lake Tahoe and lots of mountain driving.

    More pics of my Yaris can be seen in the "My Ride" forums here as well as a segment by segment pictorial of my daily grind seen in the thread entitled Commuting from Reno to Lake Tahoe.

    I am not only proud of my Yaris' looks, fit, finish and performance; she is quite the fuel miser as well!

    Her lifetime results:

  2. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    to prove anyone can afford cheap high mpg transportation if the driver wants it!

    Although I enjoy the high mpg luxury creature comforts ;) i'm willing to get a used model and sacraface some mileage for used hybrids.

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