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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by kuveris, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. kuveris

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    Hi All,

    I'm from Australia and have just bought a Grey 2009 Yaris (The Grey Goose) after lurking on this site for about a month or so.

    As i need to drive the car for work, ill have to keep the ecomods pretty discreet. So links to sly mods would be greatly appreciated.

    No mods yet, but id like to get a couple of tanks done with no mods to get a baseline for the car and my driving with no gauges.

    Mods I'm so far set on are, in order:
    - Scangauge
    - Grill block (need scangauge first as Yaris doesn't have a temp gauge)
    - Under car stuff and wheel spats

    I should also add, i don't want to do mods that compromise safety, hinder other drivers (eg I won't drive 90 on a single lane road with a 100kmh speed limit) or will not provide saving within around 12 months.

    Anyone worked out a way to leave the radio on in a car when it's turning on? I stream music with Bluetooth and of I turn off the car at lights, it's cuts out when I turn it back on and takes 15 or so to reconnect, restarts the songs or can't use the phone properly.
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  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Welcome to cleanmpg ! You will find that most of us don't modify our vehicles beyond grille blocking and , of course , tire pressures. A Scangauge , to me , is a mandatory necessity . not a mod. But we also have Basjoos , who has made some minor mods to his Honda. :)

    What do you mean by this ?
  4. kuveris

    kuveris New Member


    I've noticed some people do some expensive mods. What i meant by this, is any costs outlayed for a mod, would need to be recouped with fuel savings within 12 months. An example of this is lowering the car. This would cost $300 but i don't believe there would be $300 in fuel saving within 12 months, so i won't be carrying out this mod. The reason for this is that over the last 12 years, I've owned 9 cars and none over 18 months.

    The only exception i can see is the scangauge which is transferable between vehicles so the higher outlay doesn't concern me too much.
  5. ALS

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    If you decide to make physical modifications to the car you're you going need to look at longer than 12 months to see a payback. Cars today get far better mileage than just ten years ago which makes the payback period much longer. You need to look at the long term benefits over the short term.
  6. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Just my opinion , but lowering your car brings along a whole new set of problems.
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    Howdy. I had a 2008 lift back, 5-speed tranny with the 1.5l engine. The only mods you will need are tire pressure to max and the grill guard for winter. I used the plastic fiberboard, like for home crafts. Make it so you can partially open/close it as needed for cold weather. I used 12 gauge coated wire. Easy to twist/untwist as needed, and the price is right. You can find pieces at any construction site in the trash.

    The Scangauge fits happily right on the steering column. Run the wire under the dash. The only drawback is you have to move it to open the compartment right there. Not a biggie for me as I didn't use it much, it was more of a paperwork storage area.
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