Out with Corolla, in with Malibu

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by moneysaver, Feb 19, 2016.

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    My wife had 2002 Corolla, has worked great for her for 14 years, and only 2 minor troubles. But it was time to replace it, as moving from small town into big city in few months. I figured, she should have something a little safer and has more than 2 airbags and no ABS.

    We contemplated between 2 vehicles, C-max hybrid and Malibu with start-stop. Test drove both of the cars, and unfortunately, C-max was not well taken care of, and still had smell of cigarette smoke in it. Back seat also felt a little small compared to Malibu. Although the sticker price was tempting, 14900 for 10K miles on 2013 model SE. We ended up buying 2015 Malibu LS with 3058 miles on it. Drove it back home in middle of blizzard, and car handled fine. Managed 34.5 MPG with temps in high teens and low 20s.

    I am really surprised how quiet the car is compared to my Subaru XV, feels more solidly built, and start-stop has been great so far. I wish the C-max was properly taken care of and not had smell of cigarette smoke in it, and I would have bought it. I suppose until next time....Hopefully in few years Hybrid technology has evolved to something much better and it will be a no brainer.
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    I may be biased , but I say the 3rd generation Prius is a no-brainer.
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    Hi MoneySaver:

    Did you watch the Malibu Hybrid vid I recorded at the Chicago Auto Show late last week? The std. 16 Malibu is a much improved car from its predecessor and I suspect it will be a bit more efficient on the highway then your 2002 Corolla. Probably a bit less around town given the weight.

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    Wayne, I have not watched the video but I will. We had budget of about 15000 and for that amount of money, Malibu had less miles, added extra warranty, 2 years of included scheduled maintenance, 5/100,000 power-train warranty, remainder of 3/36,000 bumper to bumper and solid 25/36 rating. It was too good of a deal to pass up. KBB certified pre-owned price of around $17,800. We were able to get it for $15,100 and $16,300 out the door.

    As for the hybrid technology, it is a pretty solid now in 3rd generation of Synergy drive and Ford's power-split as well as Honda and now GM's with Malibu will a good news for consumers. I am very certain that my next vehicle will be a hybrid from one of the above mentioned manufactures.
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