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  1. Buying a car is a good investment. I'm just wondering where else do you guys invest your money? I heard some investment that will earn more profits than putting it in a bank. Should I consider a financial adviser?Any idea? Thanks! :)
  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Umm , buying a car is almost NEVER a good investment. And while we may have some members with good financial backgrounds , this is probably not the place to look for that advice. However , if you want good advice on the most efficient way to operate your car , you have stumbled upon the right place.
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  3. ALS

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    There are very few cars worth investing in, and if you do plan on it being a short investment window. The fifties cars are lousy investments since the guys that were into them are in their late seventies and are not looking for reviving their youth. The sixties cars those guys are in their mid to late sixties and again anyone who is looking for the car they always wanted either has it or the window for buying it is closing very quickly as they get up in years.

    Like Edwin said, cars are not good investments to the average guy. I don't think you have the cash laying around for 50"s Mercedes Gull Wing or a 1950's to mid sixties Ferrari. Everything else is going to continue to drop in value as the number of people who desire them die off.
  4. Mendel Leisk

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    Equities seem to do best in the long run, but can be gut-wrenching in downturns. Maybe equities, but shelter in bonds every so often, when the "shelling" gets too heavy?

    Houses are good too, if you're not to deep into your bank with mortgage debt.
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    Stocks are good. Trying to shelter with bonds "when needed" is a losing game. What you need to do is hold both at all times. Then, when one or the other shifts by a large margin, sell the high one and buy the low one to rebalance your percentages. Doing this automatically lets you do the classic "buy low, sell high" without having to be smart enough to figure out the "when" part. I know I'm not.
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  6. Mendel Leisk

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    ^ What he said. One of these years I'll smarten up.
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    I have been an Apple fan since 2001 when we got away from Microsoft to avoid virus. I read somewhere when the economy is down many will buy toys under $500 to cheer themselves up. I retired in 2009 and the market had just crashed and I wanted to reinvest my Thrift Savings Plan from Civil Service. Apple was at $15 a share and I bought $20k worth, $70k in the S&P now $135k and $70k in government securities now $80k. It sure was amazing watching that Apple stock grow to $150k in just 3 years. With the market so low now pick a good company, invest and stick with it. This past year Apple stocks haven't made a dime but they are contuing make new and great products.
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    The only car I ever made money on was a '73 VW Beetle I bought for £300 ($425) kept for 15 months and sold for £550 ($780) when I was about 18 (i.e. a long time ago :rolleyes:). I would never buy a car as an investment - majority of the time the two words don't go together.
    Do as Andrew says :) - this does not constitute investment advice - always do your own research ;) and seek professional advice if you're not confident in managing your own investments :)
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    I would rather invest my money into business rather than keep my money in the bank. Car is never a good investment since it is a depreciating asset.

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