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    Hi All:

    I am guessing that most of you are enjoying these low fuel prices. We must be aware that these prices will likely be short lived and this is not an excuse to go out and buy an unnecessary large SUV or high powered sedan. The only way to keep these prices low is to keep demand down.


    OPEC as well as the auto companies are banking on people being stupid. If you want to continue to see these low prices and maybe even lower ones, now is the time to purchase the most fuel efficient vehicle that suits your needs. Please use the right vehicle for the job. You do not need a 400 hp pickup truck for taking you and your lunchbox to work. You do not need a Chevy Tahoe to drive around you, your wife and two kids in the back seat. You do not need a 300 plus hp car to drive on an interstate with a 70 mph speed limit. Even a Prius can do 115 mph. If you really want to do 150 or more, just rent a high powered car for the weekend in Kansas or somewhere and knock your socks off. You don't need one for a daily commuter.

    I strongly recommend that anyone with the financial means to go out and purchase a new or used hybrid, plugin hybrid or pure electric vehicle. Even you are somewhat underwater on your current gas guzzler, now is the time to cut your losses before fuel goes back to 4 bucks a gallon or more. There are many used hybrids available for under $10k.

    Please message me if you need help finding the right hybrid, plugin hybrid or pure electric vehicle. There are even some hybrid and plugin SUV offerings for people who insist on 4WD.

    Now is the time to act before it is too late. Keep in mind that regardless of whether or not you care about the environment, when you use more fuel than necessary, you are supporting a culture where women in many cases are treated like second class citizens.

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    YES ! I totally agree with Jesse.
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