#NAIAS Detroit’s 2016 North American International Auto Show

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    [​IMG] Detroit hosts the world.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 11, 2016

    According to the NAIAS organizers, Detroit has hosted an auto show of one sort or another minus the war years (1941 – 1945) and through 1953 for over a century.

    The show’s focus was strictly regional like many were around the country and world but in 1987, auto dealers within the Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) began preps to make the Motor City and birthplace of automobile mass production an International event.

    Today, more than 5,000 journalists from 60 countries constituting 30 percent international media attend the NAIAS.

    Press Days are only a small subset of the show as the NAIAS also incorporates The Gallery, an ultra-luxury automotive event, a Press Preview, Industry Preview, Charity Preview, and a nine-day Public Show.

    Press Days Schedule

    Monday January 11

    6:55-7:15 AM – North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year Awards
    7:35-8:00 AM – Chrysler "Pacifica"
    8:05-8:30 AM – Chevrolet "Bolt"
    8:35-9:00 AM - Audi "A4 allroad quattro"
    9:05-9:30 AM - Volkswagen "Tiguan GTE Active Concept"
    9:35-10:00 AM – Mercedes-Benz all-new 10th gen E-Class
    10:05-10:30 AM - BMW "M2 and all-new BMW X4 M40i"
    10:35-11:00 AM - Volvo "S90 Sedan"
    11:05-11:30 AM - Porsche
    11:40 AM-12:05 PM EST – Ford "Fusion, Fusion HEV and PHEV"
    12:15-12:40 PM – Inifinti "Q60 Sports Coupe"
    12:45-1:10 PM EST – Lexus "LC 500"
    1:15-1:40 PM EST – Honda "Ridgeline"
    1:45-2:10 PM - Hyundai "Genesis G90"
    2:15-2:40 PM – Kia "Telluride Concept and Niro CUV Hybrid"
    2:45-3:10 PM – ZF "autonomous driving and 8-speed PHEV transmission"

    Tuesday, January 12

    8:00-8:25 AM – Acura "Precision Concept"
    8:30-8:55 AM – Lincoln "Continental"
    9:00-9:25 AM – GMC Arcadia
    9:30-9:55 AM – Nissan "Titan Warrior"
    1:25-1:50 PM EST - Elio
    1:55-2:20 PM – Hitachi
    2:25-2:50 PM EST – Shell "M and Class 8 truck lubrication"

    But first, we have to get there…

    The pilgrimage to Detroit for the 2016 Detroit Auto Show continues.

    But first you have to drive through the gauntlet called Chicago.

    Then into Indiana.

    Then into Michigan where it is snowing. :(

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    Hi All:

    #NAIAS2016 - From the Indiana/Michigan border all the way to Jackson. Pure Michigan indeed...

    Swapped from the 16 Prius' into James 13 Volt in Albion for the rest of the journey.

    FB_IMG_1452494345091.jpg FB_IMG_1452494351920.jpg FB_IMG_1452494356370.jpg FB_IMG_1452494361631.jpg FB_IMG_1452494367586.jpg
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    Hi All:

    #NAIAS2016 - The People Mover adorned in Shell EcoMarathon messaging and colors! :)


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    Hi All:

    #NAIAS2016 - Is just minutes away from launch.

    To begin, the NACOTY and NATOTY award with esteemed colleagues turned jurors from all over North America have voted on what they consider to be the most significant new automobile for the 2016 MY. After the cull, the new Malibu, Civic and Miata MX-5 were the three gladiators on the car side and the XC90, Titan XD and Pilot on the truck side were still left standing.

    Odds on favorite is the local boy called Malibu and the XC90...

    #NAIAS2016 - NATOTY is the Volvo XC90 and the NACOTY is the Honda Civic!


    FB_IMG_1452515018092.jpg FB_IMG_1452515024044.jpg FB_IMG_1452515035046.jpg
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    Hi All:

    #NAIAS2016 - With the Chevrolet Volt Owners and about to see the Chevrolet Presentation with more detail on the all new and super sharp looking Bolt BEV. More than what was provided at CES hopefully.

    PS: The white knight - 13 Volt - that brought us to Detroit today. :)

    FB_IMG_1452517349142.jpg FB_IMG_1452517356300.jpg
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    Hi All:

    #NAIAS2016 - 2017 Cherolet #Bolt was driven on stage by Mary Barra and Mark Reuss.

    GM's Mary Barra and Mark Reuss​

    200 miles range, 200 hp and 266 lb-ft for a sub 7-second dash to 60. $145/kWh pricing.

    Nickel rich chemistry keeps thermodynamic properties under control.

    Level3 for 30-minutes provides 90 miles.

    94 cu. ft of passenger volume! 47 cu. ft with rear seats down.

    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. All we reported earlier.

    The GM rear view camera we reported about a year ago in the mirror will be placed within...

    Cruze hatch looks cool as hell in person too!

    Cruze Hatchback​

  7. Audi will launch 3 addition plug ins, and in 2018 a plug in SUV.

    Today they are showing the new A4 quattro awd and H-tron concept. Aka vorsprubg durch technik. H =hydrogen. Fuel cell & battery. 4 Minutes to refill the tanks
  8. VW - 2015 was a "challenging year" , but overall retail volume remained stable.

    265,000 customers registered for the goodwill package for tdi owners so far.

    2016 will see the redesigned Passat. Beetle dune will hit showrooms at end of quarter.

    In the fall 4 motion and awd in golf sportwagon in the US.

    Most important goal for 2016 is to win back trust of the customer.

    They will also invest about $900million and 2000 jobs.

    All new mid size SUV by end of the year.

    Tiguan GTE active concept plug in on the show floor. 7 passenger, awd plug in hybrid, electric range up to 20 miles. 221 hp. 9.2 inch infotainment with gesture control.
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  9. Mercedes AMG S 65 Cabriolet premiered this morning. "The Ultimate Dream Car" 630hp. 0-60 in about 4 seconds.

    Also making an appearance is the new Smart for 2. The most affordable convertible on the market.

    Ryn Weaver performed before the new SLC and SLC 43 were introduced. SLC 43 - 367 hp v6 0-60 in 4.7.

    The Dream Car of the business sedan is the all new E Class now in its 10th generation. It will be available with a 4 cyl diesel.

    Ps- sorry but I'm having trouble uploading pics, says file too large for server
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    Hi All:

    I spent a few minutes with Darin Geese, Product Mgr. for Volt and Bolt. 21 year GM employee and 5 with the Volt/Bolt.

    Does he like the Volt or Bolt better?

    "It is like the difference between your children. Both are special in their own way."

    1,000 miles of seat time in the Bolt.

    Likes the spaciousness, ergonomics and especially the seat height. CUV like.

    His favorite Bolt features? 10.2" display, rear view camera mirror, around view without the lines...


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    Hi All:

  12. xcel

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    Hi All:

    #NAIAS2016 - Meet the Kia Niro Hybrid CUV. More details will come in Chicago.

    Big news and despite being released at CES is Kia's $10 billion USD investment over the next 5 years into Hybrid and electric product development. With that level of investment, expect to hear and see great things from the hard charging Korean..


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    Hi All:

    #NAIAS2016 - 2017 Chrysler Pacifica... Anyone know what that port is for? ;)


    All-new 3.6L Pentastar with a PHEV/Full Hybrid drivetrain. Seats 8 on non PHEV variant while offering hundreds of convenience and safety features.


    30 miles of range from its 16 kW. Maybe 12 usable???


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    Now THAT is what I'm talking about! Where have Toyota and Honda been? I've been asking for this for years. This will sell and they'll be playing catch-up.

    Well, it depends on price and non-EV mpg, both of which they don't mention.
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    Hi All:

    #NAIAS2016 - 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid accompanies us to Slows BBQ for an after show delight.

    Thanks go to Hyundai for the fantastic Hybrid and for dinner tonight. :)

    Wayne FB_IMG_1452556190918.jpg FB_IMG_1452556196997.jpg
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    Hi All:

    #NAIAS2016 - Hyundai and Slows BBQ.

    Auto journalists are great writers, great on screen personalities but most of all, great eaters!


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    We had great eats in New York City, but the PBJs during our Cross the States in 48 left a lot to be desired, lol.
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    I liked those PB&J's !
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    The PBJ made the final meal that much more enjoyable.

    Also, that BBQ looks delicious.

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