Mercedes-Benz December 2015 Sales Up 1.7% with 38,918 Vehicles sold, up 3.8% for the Year

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    [​IMG] December sales were the Luxury brands highest month in history.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 5, 2016

    2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter/Air Stream conversion – There is nothing more efficient or luxurious for touring America.

    Mercedes December 2015 U.S. Sales Overview

    Mercedes-Benz USA reported its highest volume month in history with December 2015 sales of 38,918, up 1.7 percent over the 38,270 sold in December 2014 – A previous December record volume.

    For the year, the three pointed star brand achieved its highest annual volume in its U.S. history with 380,461 vehicles sold, up 3.8 percent over the 366,589 vehicles sold throughout all of 2014.

    Mercedes December 2015 U.S. Sales Highlights

    December sales for the Mercedes-Benz brand were led by the C-Class, GLE and E-Class model lines.

    The C-Class experienced 7,023 vehicles sold, down 14.6 percent from the 8,224 sold in December of 2014. For the year, C-Class sales of 29,643 were up 8.3 percent over the 27,365 sold across all of 2014.

    The fast moving GLE-Class CUVs were picked up by 6,310 new owners with 20,663 vehicles sold since its market introduction in August. I suspect the CUVs will lead the Mercedes-Benz nameplate through some months of 2016.

    The E-Class recorded the third-highest December sales number with 4,999 vehicles sold, down 2.3 percent. For the year, the E-Class sales were down an excruciating 25.1 percent.

    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans sold 4,046 vehicles during the month of December, up 23.1 percent over December of 2014s 3,288 vehicles sold. On an annual basis, Sprinter achieved a sales volume of 29,889 vehicles sold, up 16.1 percent over the 25,745 sold during all of 2014.

    2015 Sprinter 4X4 Off-Road

    Looking back at one of the many demos from the short lead back in late 2014.​

    Sales of Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC diesel models recorded 621 for the month and 11,057 for the year.

    The 2.0L TD Work Van on an all-city and all-highway drive. Yup. ;)

    If you need a real work van, nobody can touch this.



    U.S. December 2015 Sales vs. December 2014 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 14 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM December 2015 Sales Up 5.7% with 290,230 Vehicles sold, Up 5.0% For the Year.
    Ford December 2015 Sales Up 8.4% with 239,242 Vehicles Sold, Up 5.3% For the Year.
    Toyota December 2015 Sales Up 10.8% with 238,350 Vehicles sold, Up 5.3% For the Year.
    FCA December 2015 Sales Up 12.6% with 217,527 Vehicles sold, up 7.3% For the Year.
    Honda December 2015 Sales Up 9.9% with 150,893 Vehicles sold, up 3.0% For the Year.
    Nissan December 2015 Sales Up 18.7% with 139,300 Vehicles sold, up 7.1% For the Year.
    Hyundai December 2015 Sales Down 1.5% with 63,508 Vehicles sold, up 5.0% for the Year.
    Subaru December 2015 Sales Up 12.7% with 56,274 Vehicles sold, up 13.4% for the Year.
    Kia December 2015 Sales Up 19.0% with 54,241 Vehicles sold, up 7.9% for the Year.
    BMW December 2015 Sales Down 17.7% with 39,634 Vehicles sold, up 2.2% or the Year.
    Mercedes-Benz December 2015 Sales Up 1.7% with 38,918 Vehicles sold, up 3.8% for the Year.
    VW December 2015 Sales Down 9.1% with 30,956 Vehicles sold, down 4.8% for the Year.
    Mazda December 2015 Sales Up 18.1% with 29,294 Vehicles sold, up 4.4% for the Year.
    Audi December 2015 Sales Up 6.0% with 20,399 Vehicles sold, up 11.1% for the Year.

    U.S. Total Sales for 2015 vs. 2014 Ranks and Results for the Top 14 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM 2015 Sales Up 5.0% with 3,082,366 Vehicles Sold.
    Ford 2015 Sales Up 5.3% with 2,613,162 Vehicles Sold.
    Toyota 2015 Sales Up 5.3% with 2,499,313 Vehicles Sold.
    FCA 2015 Sales Up 7.3% with 2,243,907 Vehicles Sold.
    Honda 2015 Sales Up 3.0% with 1,586,551 Vehicles Sold.
    Nissan 2015 Sales Up 7.1% with 1,484,918 Vehicles Sold.
    Hyundai 2015 Sales Up 5.0% with 761,710 Vehicles Sold.
    Kia 2015 Sales Up 7.9% with 625,818 Vehicles Sold.
    Subaru 2015 Sales Up 13.4% with 582,675 Vehicles Sold.
    BMW 2015 Sales Up 2.2% with 404,537 Vehicles Sold.
    Mercedes-Benz 2015 Sales Up 3.8% with 380,461 Vehicles Sold.
    VW 2015 Sales Down 4.8% with 349,440 Vehicles Sold.
    Mazda 2015 Sales Up 4.4% with 319,184 Vehicles Sold.
    Audi 2015 Sales Up 11.1% with 202,202 Vehicles Sold.

    The auto industry posted strong December sales of more than 1.64 million vehicles, up 9.3 percent over the 1.5 million sold in December of 2014. For the 6th consecutive year, sales were up over the prior year as the automotive industry sales reached a record 17.41 million vehicles sold surpassing the year 2000, when 17.4 million vehicles were delivered.

    The seasonally-adjusted annual selling rate (SAAR) for light vehicles was an estimated 17.8 million units in December.

    The profitable Light Truck segment accounted for 56 percent of the overall market.

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