Honda December 2015 Sales Up 9.9% with 150,893 Vehicles sold, up 3.0% For the Year

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    [​IMG] Honda CR-V is America’s bestselling SUV/CUV with fourth straight annual record.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 5, 2016

    2016 Honda CR-V - $24,645 to start in FWD format incl. D&H while offering owners a 26/33 mpgUS city/highway rating.

    Honda December 2015 U.S. Sales Overview

    Honda reported it sold 150,893 vehicles in December, up 9.9 percent over the 137,281 vehicles sold in December of 2014.

    For the full year, Honda reported an all-time record sales of 1,586,551 Honda and Acura vehicles, up 3.0 percent over the 1,540,872 vehicles sold in all of 2014. This full year sales result beat the company’s previous yearly sales record set back in 2007.

    Honda and Acura truck sales also set a new annual record, gaining 9.7 percent on sales of 770,424.

    Honda on its own topped last year`s record to set a new annual mark, rising 2.6 percent on sales of 1,409,386 units.

    Acura sales totaled 177,165, a 5.6 percent increase for the year and the division's best result since 2007.

    2016 Honda CR-V


    Honda December 2015 U.S. Sales Highlights

    Both cars and trucks set individual December records. Car sales were up 13.3 percent on sales of 72,839 units, while trucks gained 11.0 percent with sales of 61,681 vehicles.

    Honda maintained its strong momentum through the end of 2015 with both December and full year all-time records for the second straight year. The CR-V, Civic and Accord together easily surpassed 1,000,000 vehicles sold in 2015 and the third year in a row which that mark has been achieved.

    2016 Honda Accord Sport


    The CR-V was picked up by 345,647 new owners in 2015, up 3.2 percent over the 335,019 vehicles sold throughout all of 2014. It is easily the best-selling SUV/CUV sold in America.

    The Acura RDX set an all-time annual sales record with 51,026 vehicles sold, up 13.7 percent.

    2016 Honda Civic


    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    U.S. December 2015 Sales vs. December 2014 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 14 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM December 2015 Sales Up 5.7% with 290,230 Vehicles sold, Up 5.0% For the Year.
    Ford December 2015 Sales Up 8.4% with 239,242 Vehicles Sold, Up 5.3% For the Year.
    Toyota December 2015 Sales Up 10.8% with 238,350 Vehicles sold, Up 5.3% For the Year.
    FCA December 2015 Sales Up 12.6% with 217,527 Vehicles sold, up 7.3% For the Year.
    Honda December 2015 Sales Up 9.9% with 150,893 Vehicles sold, up 3.0% For the Year.
    Nissan December 2015 Sales Up 18.7% with 139,300 Vehicles sold, up 7.1% For the Year.
    Hyundai December 2015 Sales Down 1.5% with 63,508 Vehicles sold, up 5.0% for the Year.
    Subaru December 2015 Sales Up 12.7% with 56,274 Vehicles sold, up 13.4% for the Year.
    Kia December 2015 Sales Up 19.0% with 54,241 Vehicles sold, up 7.9% for the Year.
    BMW December 2015 Sales Down 17.7% with 39,634 Vehicles sold, up 2.2% or the Year.
    Mercedes-Benz December 2015 Sales Up 1.7% with 38,918 Vehicles sold, up 3.8% for the Year.
    VW December 2015 Sales Down 9.1% with 30,956 Vehicles sold, down 4.8% for the Year.
    Mazda December 2015 Sales Up 18.1% with 29,294 Vehicles sold, up 4.4% for the Year.
    Audi December 2015 Sales Up 6.0% with 20,399 Vehicles sold, up 11.1% for the Year.

    U.S. Total Sales for 2015 vs. 2014 Ranks and Results for the Top 14 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM 2015 Sales Up 5.0% with 3,082,366 Vehicles Sold.
    Ford 2015 Sales Up 5.3% with 2,613,162 Vehicles Sold.
    Toyota 2015 Sales Up 5.3% with 2,499,313 Vehicles Sold.
    FCA 2015 Sales Up 7.3% with 2,243,907 Vehicles Sold.
    Honda 2015 Sales Up 3.0% with 1,586,551 Vehicles Sold.
    Nissan 2015 Sales Up 7.1% with 1,484,918 Vehicles Sold.
    Hyundai 2015 Sales Up 5.0% with 761,710 Vehicles Sold.
    Kia 2015 Sales Up 7.9% with 625,818 Vehicles Sold.
    Subaru 2015 Sales Up 13.4% with 582,675 Vehicles Sold.
    BMW 2015 Sales Up 2.2% with 404,537 Vehicles Sold.
    Mercedes-Benz 2015 Sales Up 3.8% with 380,461 Vehicles Sold.
    VW 2015 Sales Down 4.8% with 349,440 Vehicles Sold.
    Mazda 2015 Sales Up 4.4% with 319,184 Vehicles Sold.
    Audi 2015 Sales Up 11.1% with 202,202 Vehicles Sold.

    The auto industry posted strong December sales of more than 1.64 million vehicles, up 9.3 percent over the 1.5 million sold in December of 2014. For the 6th consecutive year, sales were up over the prior year as the automotive industry sales reached a record 17.41 million vehicles sold surpassing the year 2000, when 17.4 million vehicles were delivered.

    The seasonally-adjusted annual selling rate (SAAR) for light vehicles was an estimated 17.8 million units in December.

    The profitable Light Truck segment accounted for 56 percent of the overall market.

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