GM December 2015 Sales Up 5.7% with 290,230 Vehicles sold, Up 5.0% For the Year

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    [​IMG] An automotive industry record sales year ends for the U.S. largest automaker with excellent results.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 5, 2015

    2016 Chevrolet Volt – All-new 2nd generation starts at $33,195 (LT trim) incl. D&H. From the plug it provides an EPA rated 53 all-electric mile range and 43/42 mpgUS city/highway as a hybrid vehicle on the gas engine.

    With the Federal Tax Credit of $7,500 and California offering $1,500 in incentives plus single passenger HOV use, under $25k will be easy to find. TrueCar is already pricing it at almost $2,500 off retail so just over $20k for those that qualify for all incentives.

    GM December 2015 Sales Overview

    GM delivered 290,230 vehicles in December 2015, up 5.3 percent over the 274,483 sold through all of 2014.

    GM’s retail deliveries have grown every month since March of 2015, driven by strong crossover and truck sales. Retail market share for 2015 is estimated to be up 0.4 percentage points.

    Combined, Chevrolet and GMC sold 1.2 million trucks in 2015, up 14 percent compared to 2014. This includes 939,198 pickups. GM’s retail share of the full-size pickup segment improved by more than one percentage point to 39.2 percent. GM’s retail share of the mid-size pickup segment is now 32.5 percent, up from less than 5 percent in 2014, the launch year for the all-new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.

    GM’s average transaction prices (ATPs) were a record $37,000 in December, up $1,150 year over year. Full-year ATPs were a record $34,500, up $630 year over year.

    In December, GM’s incentive spending was 10.7 percent of ATP, down 0.1 percentage point year over year. Industry average spending was 10.7 percent of ATP, up 0.4 percentage points.

    GM’s full-year incentive spending was 11.2 percent of ATP, up 0.3 percentage points. Industry average spending was 10.5 percent, up 0.5 percentage points.

    GM December 2015 Brand Sales Highlights

    Chevrolet had its best December sales since 2006 and its highest retail sales since 2005.
    Crossover deliveries were up 20 percent – the 13th consecutive monthly year- over-year increase.

    Truck deliveries, which include pickups, vans and SUVs, were up 10 percent. Silverado had its best December since 2005.

    Silverado and Colorado deliveries totaled 684,974 units, up 27 percent.

    Volt retail deliveries, which are nearly all 2016 models, were up 41 percent and the retail days’ supply is only 10 days.

    The Sonic was up 34 percent in total and Cruze retail deliveries were up 20 percent for a December retail sales record.

    GMC truck deliveries were up 23 percent. The Sierra was up 17 percent, the Yukon was up 12 percent and the Yukon XL was up 39 percent.

    Sierra and Canyon sales totaled 254,216 units, up 18 percent.

    Buick had its best retail sales for any December since 2005.

    Cadillac had its best December sales since 2007.



    U.S. December 2015 Sales vs. December 2014 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 14 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM December 2015 Sales Up 5.7% with 290,230 Vehicles sold, Up 5.0% For the Year.
    Ford December 2015 Sales Up 8.4% with 239,242 Vehicles Sold, Up 5.3% For the Year.
    Toyota December 2015 Sales Up 10.8% with 238,350 Vehicles sold, Up 5.3% For the Year.
    FCA December 2015 Sales Up 12.6% with 217,527 Vehicles sold, up 7.3% For the Year.
    Honda December 2015 Sales Up 9.9% with 150,893 Vehicles sold, up 3.0% For the Year.
    Nissan December 2015 Sales Up 18.7% with 139,300 Vehicles sold, up 7.1% For the Year.
    Hyundai December 2015 Sales Down 1.5% with 63,508 Vehicles sold, up 5.0% for the Year.
    Subaru December 2015 Sales Up 12.7% with 56,274 Vehicles sold, up 13.4% for the Year.
    Kia December 2015 Sales Up 19.0% with 54,241 Vehicles sold, up 7.9% for the Year.
    BMW December 2015 Sales Down 17.7% with 39,634 Vehicles sold, up 2.2% or the Year.
    Mercedes-Benz December 2015 Sales Up 1.7% with 38,918 Vehicles sold, up 3.8% for the Year.
    VW December 2015 Sales Down 9.1% with 30,956 Vehicles sold, down 4.8% for the Year.
    Mazda December 2015 Sales Up 18.1% with 29,294 Vehicles sold, up 4.4% for the Year.
    Audi December 2015 Sales Up 6.0% with 20,399 Vehicles sold, up 11.1% for the Year.

    U.S. Total Sales for 2015 vs. 2014 Ranks and Results for the Top 14 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM 2015 Sales Up 5.0% with 3,082,366 Vehicles Sold.
    Ford 2015 Sales Up 5.3% with 2,613,162 Vehicles Sold.
    Toyota 2015 Sales Up 5.3% with 2,499,313 Vehicles Sold.
    FCA 2015 Sales Up 7.3% with 2,243,907 Vehicles Sold.
    Honda 2015 Sales Up 3.0% with 1,586,551 Vehicles Sold.
    Nissan 2015 Sales Up 7.1% with 1,484,918 Vehicles Sold.
    Hyundai 2015 Sales Up 5.0% with 761,710 Vehicles Sold.
    Kia 2015 Sales Up 7.9% with 625,818 Vehicles Sold.
    Subaru 2015 Sales Up 13.4% with 582,675 Vehicles Sold.
    BMW 2015 Sales Up 2.2% with 404,537 Vehicles Sold.
    Mercedes-Benz 2015 Sales Up 3.8% with 380,461 Vehicles Sold.
    VW 2015 Sales Down 4.8% with 349,440 Vehicles Sold.
    Mazda 2015 Sales Up 4.4% with 319,184 Vehicles Sold.
    Audi 2015 Sales Up 11.1% with 202,202 Vehicles Sold.

    The auto industry posted strong December sales of more than 1.64 million vehicles, up 9.3 percent over the 1.5 million sold in December of 2014. For the 6th consecutive year, sales were up over the prior year as the automotive industry sales reached a record 17.41 million vehicles sold surpassing the year 2000, when 17.4 million vehicles were delivered.

    The seasonally-adjusted annual selling rate (SAAR) for light vehicles was an estimated 17.8 million units in December.

    The profitable Light Truck segment accounted for 56 percent of the overall market.

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    How does CR-V at 31,185 outrank Civic, Corolla with 32,796 and 32,445?
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    Hi Rich:

    Yesterday I incorporated over 2,000 pieces of sales data into four spreadsheets including manual physical alignment and manual sorting over 17 hours. I had to rebuild my spreadsheets due to the BB code table mess so hopefully next months results will be much smoother.

    Sorry I missed a few so thanks for the catch.

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    Ohh I have been there! :eek:
    I deleted the img from my post to avoid any confusion.
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    Hi All:

    I updated the Hybrids and Electrics with Ford's and Hyundai's results. Still have not heard back about the Spark EV however.

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    GM Global Sales Third Consecutive Year of Record Global Sales

    Hi All:

    GM reported its global sales totaled 9.8 million vehicles in 2015, up 0.2 percent for the company’s third consecutive year of record sales.

    GM Global Sales Past 3 Years

    2015 - 9,840,786
    2014 - 9,924,880
    2013 - 9,714,652

    Deliveries in North America rose 6 percent in 2015 to 3.6 million cars, trucks and crossovers.

    In China, GM and its joint ventures delivered a record 3.6 million vehicles, up 5 percent compared to 2014. Their lineup expanded through the introduction of 12 new and refreshed models. SUV deliveries were up 144 percent, led by new models such as the Buick Envision and Baojun 560.

    In 2015, GMs’ cars, trucks and crossovers were leading automotive sales in China and its North American and South American regions.

    GM has several major product launches underway around the world, including the new Opel Astra with more than 80,000 orders across European markets and the new Chevrolet Malibu in North America, which began arriving in showrooms at the end of last year.

    I am a bit confused with regards to 2015 total results vs 2014 results however as the global spread shows an uptick for 2015 over the record setting 2014 results which indicate an inconsequential 0.8 percent decline?

    Region2015 Sales+/- Volume+/- %
    GM North America3,612,453+199,666+5.9%
    GM Europe1,175,843-80,051-6.4%
    GM South America645,217-233,064-26.5%
    GM International794,637-43,346-5.2%
    GM China3,612,636177,689+5.2%
    Sales Totals9,840,78620,894+0.2%


    Global Sales Highlights (vs. 2014)

    Chevrolet total sales were up 5 percent to more than 2.1 million cars, trucks and crossovers. Chevrolet sales in Canada increased 3 percent while sales in Mexico were up 18 percent. Combined sales for the brand in North America was up 6 percent.

    Buick set a global sales record for the third consecutive year, driven by record sales in China and record crossover deliveries in the United States. Total sales surpassed 1.2 million vehicles.

    Cadillac grew globally by 8 percent, driven by record sales in China.

    GMC continued to grow and achieved its 6th consecutive year of sales gains with deliveries up 11 percent to 680,000 vehicles.

    GM Europe’s Opel/Vauxhall achieved its best sales result in four years delivering more than 1.1 million vehicles despite its strategic departure from the Russian market. Share of the total European vehicle market increased for the third year in a row to nearly 6 percent.

    In the U.S., GM’s total sales were up 5 percent with Retail deliveries up 8 percent.


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