2007 Toyota Yaris

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    2007 Toyota Yaris

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    Tiny Toy: Legroom and power put the bad old days in the shade


    AutoWeek | Published 03/31/06, 3:59 pm et

    ON SALE: Now
    BASE PRICE: $11,500 (est.)
    POWERTRAIN: 1.5-liter, 106-hp, 103-lb-ft I4; fwd, five-speed manual
    CURB WEIGHT: 2293 lbs
    0 TO 60 MPH: 10.0 seconds (est.
    FUEL MILEAGE (EPA combined): 36.5 mpg

    Toyota lent us prototypes of its upcoming B-segment anti-Fit, the Yaris. We first sampled a stripped-down five-speed-manual Liftback expected to sell for about $11,500.

    If you remember small hatches from the ’80s, the new Toyota’s upright seating position makes it roomier than you would imagine. The 1.5-liter 106-hp four also gives the Yaris more gumption than old Tercels—fully 40 hp more than an ’82 and 10 hp more than a ’99 model.

    No one will mistake Yaris for a hot hatch, but the 2293-pound three-door gets up to 80-plus mph and cruises easily there, with none of the strain and angst of the bad old days. Nor is it as Elmer Fudd-frumpy as an Echo.

    A more tarted-up Yaris S Sedan with a projected MSRP of more than $14,000 had some testers suggesting a Cobalt or Caliber, though those cars can’t match the Yaris’ EPA ratings (32 mpg city, 40 highway). Is that hybrid fuel economy without a hybrid premium? We’ll report more when Toyota makes full production models available.

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    Hi Terry:

    ___We may have talked about this already but one item going for that Fit is it has a higher quality feel then the Yaris. When Honda designed the Fit, they were probably considering middle class Europeans and Japanese as that is more then likely the majority who purchase B-Class sized sub’s in Europe and Japan respectively. Here in the States and Canada, most middle class based car purchasers wouldn’t give the Yaris a second thought and it was designed down to that level. That is until we finally saw $3.00 per nationwide over the last 3 days or so! I have to give credit where its due in that the Toyota Yaris is a cute car in its 3-door variant but the sedan has a lower overall height and less frontal area (reduces overall drag). The Yaris can be picked up for cheap, cheap, cheap when stripped and that is not a bad thing in the least. The Fit comes equipped with Front, Side, Side Curtains, ABS, and all power equipped for $14.5K + and is ~ $500 over the Yaris when similarly equipped (ABS, Air bags, and power package). I don’t know but the Yaris w/ a stick looks to be a 55 + lmpg based car to me and the Fit would be lucky to see the low 50’s given the low gearing? The Fit’s 3K revs at 65 mph is a prime example of a buzz bomb and a tiring lengthy distance driver if you ask me?

    ___Good Luck

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