Chrysler’s Contribution to the “Arsenal of Democracy”

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    [​IMG] Just one of America's Corporations that went to war when the world needed them most.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Dec. 29, 2015

    The year was 1940 and America was on the precipice of entering a World War to combat the aggressive Axis powers and their hell bent direction to dominate and enslave the world. While ill-prepared for the task ahead, America's production miracle was soon at 110 percent supplying the needs of the Allies and itself in order to remove the world of the NAZI and Japanese Military menace.

    This well done documentary reveals Chrysler’s Role in Roosevelt’s “Great Arsenal of Democracy.”

    In recognition of the 75th anniversary of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s historic “Arsenal of Democracy” radio broadcast on December 29, 1940, FCA released the embedded video called "Automakers and the Arsenal of Democracy," a short documentary that chronicles the role of the Chrysler Corporation as one of the primary military suppliers for the Allied war effort.

    Narrated by FCA US historian Brandt Rosenbusch, the six-minute video provides an unprecedented look at the Chrysler Corporation’s M3 Grant and M4 Sherman Tank production as well as the complicated but very lethal Bofers anti-aircraft/multi-purpose 40 mm autocannon, ½ ton trucks, aircraft parts and components; guns, ammunition, rockets and bombs; and a variety of other goods and materials that were a vital part of military operations.

    Chrysler WW-II Assembly at Work

    M4 Sherman tank shell receiving engine and Bofors 40 mm being mounted.​
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