Reuse syringes?? NJ- beyond belief

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    zero chance a real RN LPN USA TRAINED NURSE DID THIS- this is a 3rd world move

    Anyone notice this
    A nurse giving flu shots
    SOMEHOW for some reason
    Reused the syringe
    but changed needles(which is a lot of work)
    to give many many flu shots
    To employees of pharmaceutical corp that hired someone she/he was working for

    Now for many many many years-1983 or so(HIV clearly identified by french in 1983)
    From that time on
    NO ONE in the USA would reuse a syringe for multiple people
    (now poor people do reuse insulin syringes/needles-
    cost-but that is self use-not a great idea-but $$)

    My guess is the nurse was foreign born-(or not an RN LPN at all-technician)
    a nurse brought in because of the "nurse shortage"
    which is BS-no shortage
    just shortage of nurses who will work for "as little as possible"
    Corporate america outsourcing jobs to save $$-boost profits
    Reuse of non reusable medical items is still not uncommon in many places
    but it disappeared IMMEDIATELY in the USA about 1983
    FEAR OF AIDS changed everything IMMEDIATELY

    Poor "nurse" will get the blame for doing something fairly common where he/she is from

    OH- done "right" changing needles-is very low risk-not ZERO( don't aspirate of course)
    foolish lot of risk-saves maybe 5 cents per shot

    In the past-folks would aspirate(to see if an IM SUB CUT shot was in a blood vessel) before injecting

    In any case this nurse wasn't from the USA-trained here
    perhaps wasn't a nurse-RN-or LPN-at all
    Just a technician -
    yeah a technician-very very cheap-$10/hr instead of $40/hr RN
    but even a technician-trained in USA- would never reuse a syringe-never never

    It is a hell of a lot HARDER to remove/replace a needle
    than to just toss the syringe
    MAKES NO SENSE to reuse
    Unless they aren't from USA or 1st world

    Health authorities in New Jersey said a nurse reused syringes last week while giving flu shots to 67 employees from a pharmaceutical company.

    The New Jersey Department of Health and West Windsor Township Health Department announced Wednesday a joint investigation into the “infection control breach” Sept. 30 at an employee flu vaccine clinic at Otsuka Pharmaceuticals in West Windsor, N.J. Health-care agency TotalWellness, which had hired the nurse as a contractor, said that the person “failed to follow proper medical procedures and safeguards.”

    “We take full responsibility for this incident and are working diligently with the New Jersey Department of Health to resolve this matter as swiftly as possible,” TotalWellness president Alan Kohll said in a statement. “Our sincerest apologies go out to all those affected by this terrible event.”

    The same syringes — not needles — were reused during last week’s clinic though it’s not clear how many syringes were reused, state Department of Health spokeswoman Donna Leusner said in a statement. The risk is low for transmission of hepatitis B and C and HIV, which are blood-borne diseases,
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    Hi Charlie:


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    Hard to believe
    70 needles(5 cents each) instead of 70 disposable syringes( 20 cents each)
    Saved $10 !!
    Hey every penny counts!

    Now in the 3rd world-they might have used the same needle-70 times

    Of course in the 1950's-1960's
    We did reuse syringes and NEEDLES
    But they were cleaned
    then put in a scalding water bath until JUST before use(type of autoclave-but not really steam and pressure like a "real autoclave"-just near boiling water-and antiseptic(maybe)
    the chrome top of the bath was flipped open-lifting the immersed tray with the implements on it
    They were grabbed with tongs-put on clean cloth to dry-and cool-
    and JAB- charlie screamed his way thru another "shot"
    Needles were resharpened of course
    but they were MUCH bigger diameter-and much duller than current needles-
    suckers HURT!

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