482,000 VW TDIs Produce 5 to 35Xs the NOx Beyond Federal Emissions Requirements

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    Mike S
    Are your "epa" regs a bit less stringent than ours??
    Hmmm $1000-not bad- if the performance is "about the same"

    Wayne thanks
    So the new TDIs are just BETTER in every way-better FE and quicker
    Nothing not to like about that
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    Where did you get that info? As far as I know it won't be mandatory.
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    We have the same emissions requirements as the USA.
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    Hi All:

    • Technical information regarding live broadcast
    Volkswagen AG will hold a press conference on December 10th 2015 beginning 11.00am CET (10.00am UTC) bringing you up-to-date on the current status of the clarification process concerning the diesel issue and on the realignment of the Group. The press conference will be aired LIVE.



    Here you will also find an embed code to implement the live stream into your website.

    Satellite-Feed for TV-Media:

    USA - live HD Feed

    Live feed to start at apprx. 04.20am EST / 9.20am UTC

    Satellite: Galaxy 17
    Transponder (digital): 21K, Slot D
    Downlink Frequency: 12.133,500 MHz
    Polarisation: x
    Video Std: 1080i/60Hz in NTSC
    Audio Channels: Channel 1: IT (German); Channel 2: English
    Modulation: DVB-S2 / 8 PSK
    Symbol rate: 7.2000 Msymb/s
    FEC: 3/4
    MPEG: 4:2:0 / MPEG4
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    Will it be in English ? Also , what the heck is CET time zone ? or UTC ?

    Okay, I just figured out the time zone. :)
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    European CO2 Issue Largely Concluded
    • No unlawful change to the stated fuel consumption and CO2 figures found to date
    • Only a small number of the model variants of new cars will have the catalog figure slightly adjusted
    Just a month after questions relating to the CO2 figures measured on some of the Group's models arose, Volkswagen has largely concluded the clarification of the matter. Following extensive internal investigations and measurement checks, it is now clear that almost all of these model variants do correspond to the CO2 figures originally determined. This means that these vehicles can be marketed and sold without any limitations. The suspicion that the fuel consumption figures of current production vehicles had been unlawfully changed was not confirmed. During internal re-measurements slight deviations were found on just nine model variants of the Volkswagen brand.

    These model variants will be remeasured by a neutral technical service under the supervision of the appropriate authority by Christmas. In cases where the correctness of original figures is confirmed, there will be no consequences. These cars can be offered for sale by dealers without any reservations. In the case of any deviations, the figures will be adjusted in the future in the course of the normal processes as required.

    Volkswagen presented these results to the investigation commission of the Federal Government and the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). The figure of approximately 800,000 vehicles under suspicion originally published by the Volkswagen Group has not been confirmed. The deviations found in the figures for only nine model variants amount to a few grams of CO2 on average, corresponding to increased cycle consumption in the NEDC of approximately 0.1 to 0.2 litres per 100 kilometres. With an annual production of approximately 36,000 vehicles, these model variants correspond to around only 0.5 per cent of the volume of the Volkswagen brand. The list of the nine model variants can be found here.

    The Group's subsidiaries Audi, SKODA and SEAT have also agreed a similar procedure with the approval authorities responsible for the vehicles initially considered.

    Customers' real-world consumption figures do not change and neither are any technical vehicle modifications necessary. Against this background, the negative impact on earnings of $2.2 billion USD that was originally expected has not been confirmed.

    Whether we will have a minor economic impact, depends on the results of the re-measurement exercise.
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    So this is saying that the "potentially cheating european models-2015 and 2016 ??" weren't/aren't actually cheating in respect to the numbers-
    CO2 and NOX out
    and fuel used
    No difference
    This is just new models-2015 2016 I guess
    so this removes almost a million cars from suspicion-maybe 8% of the 11,000,000 originally mentioned world wide
    Good thing-
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    Has anyone received the $500 visa card yet?
  9. seftonm

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    I've seen a few people elsewhere online reporting that their gift cards arrived.
  10. xcel

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    Hi Charlie:

    I have been saying all along that the 15/16s "may" have been compliant all along but possibly had the switch SW switching to nothing.

    Still waiting to hear more on the fix.

  11. xcel

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    Wednesday Nov. 10, 2015
    • Initial results of the emissions investigation available
    • Approximately 450 external and internal experts involved in the investigations
    • 100 terabytes of data secured – equivalent to information in approximately 50 million books
    • Volkswagen will have future emissions tests evaluated independently
    • Technical solutions for customers in Europe developed; implementation to begin in January 2016
    • Group realignment making good progress
    The Volkswagen Group's realignment is well underway. The Group is making progress on all five of the priorities it set at the end of October: The technical solutions for customers in Europe have been devised, presented to the authorities, and positively evaluated by them. These solutions will begin to be implemented in January 2016. The emissions investigation is producing results, and initial consequences have already been drawn based on the findings to date. The implementation of the new structure is proceeding according to plan, and the process of developing a new strategy has commenced. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG, Hans Dieter Pötsch, told the press in Wolfsburg today:
    The Chairman of the Board of Management, Matthias Müller, said:
    For the first time, the Company provided detailed commentary on the status of its investigation, which is being coordinated by a special committee of the Supervisory Board. Approximately 450 internal and external experts are involved in the investigations, which are being conducted in two phases. An internal review, being conducted by a task force of experts from various Group companies with a clearly defined mandate and a deadline, is focused on the mandate to Group Audit by the Supervisory Board and the Management Board to investigate relevant processes, reporting and monitoring systems, and the associated infrastructure. Group Audit will provide its findings to the external experts of Jones Day. The Supervisory Board has given this internationally respected law firm a parallel mandate to completely clarify the facts and responsibilities – i.e., among other things, it has been asked to conduct a forensic investigation. In connection with its work, Jones Day is being provided with operational support by the audit firm Deloitte.

    Group Audit has identified process weak points

    As reported on Wednesday, extensive internal investigations, which were subject to external independent review, did not confirm the suspicion of irregularities during the CO2 certification process. Now, the first significant findings in the investigation of the nitrogen oxide (NOx) issue are available. Group Audit's examination of the relevant processes indicates that the software-influenced NOx emissions behavior was due to the interaction of three factors:
    • The misconduct and shortcomings of individual employees
    • Weaknesses in some processes
    • A mindset in some areas of the Company that tolerated breaches of rules
    It is clear that, in the past, deficiencies in processes have favored misconduct on the part of individuals. This is true, for example, for test and certification processes affecting our engine control devices, which were not suited to preventing use of the software in question. Group Audit has suggested specific remedies to correct this. We are concentrating on structuring these processes more transparently and systematically. For example, in the future, software for engine control devices will be developed more strictly in accordance with the 4-eyes principle. In addition, the bodies responsible for the release of such software are being reorganized. They will be given more sharply defined and binding powers and responsibilities. Deficiencies were also found in reporting and monitoring systems. The main problem there was that responsibilities were not sufficiently clear. Volkswagen will now further sharpen them. Group Audit also found deficiencies in some areas of Volkswagen's IT infrastructure. These deficiencies will also be remedied. Volkswagen will introduce IT systems that allow individual processes to be monitored with greater efficiency and transparency. This will simultaneously reduce our dependence on individuals when problematic processes have to be identified and, if necessary, escalated. As Pötsch stated:
    The Company has already drawn a key conclusion based on Group Audit's findings, namely that its testing practice must undergo comprehensive changes.

    Volkswagen has decided that in the future emissions test will be evaluated externally and independently. In addition, randomly selected real-life tests to assess emissions behavior on the road will be introduced. Chairman of the Supervisory Board Pötsch stated:
    More time is required for the external investigation

    Although Group Audit's analysis of the processes will be concluded shortly, Jones Day will need well into next year in order to finish its work. The external investigators will need more time for their investigation, for two reasons. The first is that they have a massive volume of data to screen. At present, 102 terabytes of information have been secured, which is the equivalent of the information contained in approximately 50 million books. More than 1,500 electronic data storage units have been collected from approximately 380 employees. The second reason is that their investigation of the facts takes legal responsibility into account. Therefore, their findings must not only be plausible and consistent, but must also hold up in court. Volkswagen plans to provide a status update on the external investigation at its Annual General Meeting on April 21, 2016.

    The information that has been screened to date has largely explained the origin and development of the nitrogen oxide issue. It proves not to have been a one-time error, but rather a chain of errors that were allowed to happen. The starting point was a strategic decision to launch a large-scale promotion of diesel vehicles in the United States in 2005. Initially, it proved impossible to have the EA 189 engine meet by legal means the stricter nitrogen oxide requirements in the United States within the required time frame and budget. This led to the incorporation of software that adjusted nitrogen oxide emission levels according to whether vehicles were on the road or being tested. Later, when an effective technical process was available to reduce NOx emissions, it was not employed to the full extent possible. On the contrary, the software in question allowed the exhaust gas treatment additive "AdBlue" to be injected in variable amounts such that the NOx values were particularly low when vehicles were in the test bay, but significantly higher when vehicles were on the road.

    Hans Dieter Pötsch stressed that,
    As a first step, nine managers who may have been involved in the manipulations were suspended. Pötsch emphasized:
    Technical solutions, which have been positively evaluated by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority ("Kraftfahrtbundesamt"), are now available for the European variants of the EA 189 engine type affected. Volkswagen is thus ensuring that the models affected in Europe will meet all legal requirements in the future. The costs of implementing these solutions will be manageable in technical, manufacturing, and financial terms. The software of the 2.0 and 1.2 liter TDI will be updated. For the 1.6 liter TDI, a so-called flow transformer will be used that increases the measurement precision and, in combination with redesigned software, will optimize injection quantity.

    Now that the technical solutions have been approved, Volkswagen is working intensely on plans to implement them. The recall of the highest-volume variant, the 2.0 liter TDI, will begin in January 2016. The recall of the 1.2 liter TDI is currently scheduled to begin in the second quarter. The implementation phase for the 1.6 liter models is planned to begin in the third quarter to allow time to prepare for the hardware modification. Under the current plan, the entire initiative will take at least all of calendar year 2016.

    Matthias Müller, Chairman of the Board of Management, promised:
    Volkswagen will inform the owners of the affected vehicles individually as to when their vehicles will be updated. Volkswagen guarantees that the solutions will be implemented free of charge. The company waives any statute of limitations for the technical solutions, and will provide an appropriate replacement vehicle if required.

    United States

    Due to far stricter nitrogen oxide limits in the United States, it is a greater technical challenge to retrofit the vehicles such that all applicable emissions limits can be met with one and the same emissions strategy. To this end, Volkswagen is cooperating closely with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The solution designed for North America will be presented as soon as it has been approved by the responsible authorities.

    Implementation of the new Group Structure Commenced

    Parallel to overcoming the crisis, Volkswagen is also instituting a comprehensive new alignment that affects the structure of the Group, as well as its way of thinking and its strategic goals.

    Volkswagen will be managed in a more decentralized fashion in the future, and its brands and regions will be granted more independence. The Group's Board of Management is fully focused on its core task: advancing the major, global issues for the future, as well as synergies, controls, and strategy. Volkswagen will have significant input to the technical changes that have a major impact on its own business model, becoming more agile, and streamlining its decision-making processes. In addition, Volkswagen will become leaner and improve cost efficiency. All these structural changes ultimately aim to reduce managerial complexity and ensure that the Group can be effectively led over the long term.

    At an organizational level, with the appointment of Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, the Integrity & Law area will be represented as its own department on the Group's Board of Management in the future – a clear indication that these issues are extremely important to Volkswagen. Significantly more importance will be attached to digitalization, which will report directly to the Chairman of the Board of Management. Overall, direct reports will be reduced from more than 30 to 19.

    The renewal of personnel in the Group has recently again been given new impetus. Since the beginning of 2015, the Group's Board of Management has seen six new members join, seven of the brands have had their top personnel changed, and eight departments falling within the CEO's area of responsibility now have new heads. Müller stated: "The team with which we wish to address the challenges of the coming months and years is in place." The details of the new structure are to be worked out in the first quarter of 2016. The new structure will be in place Group-wide by the start of 2017.

    New mindset initiated

    Müller noted:
    During the upcoming process of change toward a new way of thinking, Volkswagen can build on its traditional strengths: quality consciousness, strong identification with its vehicles, and a high degree of social responsibility. According to Müller, the future will be about more open discussions, closer cooperation, and a willingness to allow mistakes if they are understood as an opportunity to learn. The Chairman of the Board of Management stated,
    New strategic destination under development

    In addition, Volkswagen has initiated development of a new strategic target: "Strategy 2025", with which Volkswagen will address the main issues for the future, is scheduled to be presented in mid-2016.

    Müller explained,
    Among other things, the Group aims to achieve a significant expansion of its sales outside of its current core business. Furthermore, a digitalization and an electrification offensive are being prepared.

    In parallel, Volkswagen is currently doing everything it can to limit the effect the current situation has on its business performance. The operating business is meeting expectations, and the 2015 annual forecast, which was updated at the end of October, remains unchanged. The sales figures are very mixed as regards the various markets and brands. Müller explained, "Overall, the situation is not dramatic, but, as was to be expected, it's tense."

    In summary, the Chairman of the Board of Management stated:
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    Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015

    Hi All:

    In Europe, VW customers are being informed and the repair implementation is starting for the NOx issue.
    • Measures for the affected EA189 series 1.2L, 1.6L and 2.0L Turbo Diesel engines have been ratified by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA)
    • Customers are being informed about the next steps
    • Implementation of the measures to start in late January 2016
    • Important step towards resolving the NOx emissions issue in Europe
    The Volkswagen Group has presented the final measures proposed for the EA189 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0L turbo diesel engines to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). After intensive review, the KBA has fully ratified all of the measures. The remedial measures for all affected vehicles are thus confirmed. The vehicle keepers will shortly be informed about the next steps. In order to ensure that the measures are completed quickly, Volkswagen will begin implementation right at the start of 2016.

    In developing the technical measures, finding customer-friendly solutions was an important aspect. The measures for the affected EA189 diesel engines are as follows:
    • The 1.2L and 2.0L engines will get a software update. The labor time will be just under half an hour
    • The 1.6L engines will also receive a software update. In addition, a “flow rectifier” will be fitted right in front of the air mass sensor. The labor time for implementing these measures will be less than an hour.
    These measures apply to the European (EU-28) markets only. After the measures have been implemented, the vehicles will fulfil the duly applicable emissions standards, with the aim of achieving this without any impairment of engine output, fuel consumption or performance.

    VW owners in Germany will be informed as soon as the addresses are provided by the KBA.

    In a first letter the affected vehicle owners will be informed that a recall measure is scheduled for their car. The customers will also be asked to await further written information before they actively make contact with a Volkswagen partner business. In a second letter Volkswagen will ask the affected customers in good time to make an appointment with a partner business of their choice for implementation of the technical solutions.

    The plan is that all affected vehicles will be called into the partner businesses in several waves for the technical solutions to be implemented. The technical measures will be implemented on the affected 2.0L engines from the first quarter of 2016. The technical measures for the affected 1.2L engines are scheduled for the end of the second quarter of next year. From the third quarter of 2016, concluding the recall, the measures will be implemented on the affected vehicles with 1.6L engines.

    While the technical measures are being performed Volkswagen AG aims to avoid any disadvantages for the customers, such as any curbing of their mobility. In this connection the Volkswagen brand is assuring all customers that where necessary an appropriate replacement mobility option will be provided free of charge.

    Until December 31, 2017, Volkswagen AG is expressly waiving the limitation period in respect of any claims made in connection with the software installed in vehicles with EA 189 engines. The waiving of this limitation applies even where a claim's validity has already expired. The mere act of waiting will therefore not disadvantage Volkswagen customers in any way. This means that all customers affected can wait for the necessary technical measures to be implemented on their vehicles by the above mentioned time.

    The vehicles in question continue to be technically safe and ready to drive and can therefore be used on the road without any restrictions.

    The information contained in this release does not refer to any products or services of the Volkswagen Group of America or of Volkswagen Canada.

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    Thursday, December 17, 2015

    Hi All:

    On Thursday Volkswagen announced that it has retained attorney Kenneth R. Feinberg, managing partner of The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Feinberg, PC, to design and administer an independent claims resolution program to address claims related to the 2.0L and 3.0L TDI vehicles affected by the emissions compliance issue. Volkswagen believes Mr. Feinberg will develop an independent, fair and swift process for resolving these claims.

    Michael Horn, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America:
    Mr. Feinberg stated that he will
    Mr. Feinberg is a well-respected attorney with extensive experience managing high-profile issues and many of the nation’s most challenging legal matters. He was appointed to two presidential commissions by Presidents Reagan and Clinton and administered several other significant programs.

    Volkswagen continues to fully cooperate with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as the Company works to develop approved remedies for the affected TDI vehicles as quickly as possible. As the claims program is developed, Mr. Feinberg will consult these agencies for their input.

  14. xcel

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    Hi All:

    I think I have all of the links in the Original Post (OP) all relinked to their respective story pieces. If you find a broken link, let mew know and I will try and relink it properly.

  15. phoebeisis

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    He handled BP claims here-Louisiana and probably the rest of the gulf coa't report st.
    In general he did ok.
    We have lots of scam artists-
    and LOTS of fishermen.\
    On fisherman actually called into a talk show
    and no kidding complained that getting compensation based on his tax return would shortchange him.
    No kidding -he said fishing frequently was a "cash business"
    This is code for "I CHEAT ON MY TAXES-"
    so now I won't get " fair compensation" since it is based on tax returns!!
    No kidding this isn't an urban legend- "I'm being cheated because I cheat on my taxes"

    But Feinberg did OK- freakin lawyers got their cut-HUGE SLICE- and he is a lawyer-
    no way around that I guess
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    Hi Charlie:

    You bet his shop is going to take a huge cut of the proceeds. They always do.

    A friend on FB went in to activate his VW TDI Goodwill package on Friday. He said the rep had already completed 5 activations and he was in line just 15-minutes after the dealership opened its doors. He also said the dealership had completed 35 of these registrations since the packages arrived with an expected 400 in his area of Michigan.

    As posted above, it includes a $500 VISA debit card that can be used for any purpose, $500 gift card for use at VW dealerships only + 3 years of roadside assistance.

  17. seftonm

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    CARB's 20 business day review period for VW's proposed fixes should be finishing up this week. I'm not sure if that means that details will be coming in the next week or two, but I'm hopeful that we'll be hearing something before the year is over.
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  18. phoebeisis

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    Yes his shop
    and the lawyers on the other side-
    Not sure if lawyers get the full 1/3 + expenses that they get on actual contingency cases
    This is a SURE THING for the lawyers-so perhaps they take less
    Unfortunately- lawyers don't exactly " honestly compete" for these big cases -
    they can just dig in their heels-and insist on 1/3 plus -
    not like the individual owners can take on VW-
    but there doesn't appear to be much point in that-VW wants to regain their Reputation
    and more importantly KEEP these TDI buyers-who tend to be a bit fanatic-like Jeep owners-
    you really can't trick or advertise your way to that sort of brand loyalty-
    look at Toyota-plenty of repeat buyers-but there aren't any fanatic Toyota owners
    VW TDIs Cummins Ram some GM trucks some Ford trucks Jeeps some Honda owners are fanatics-
    and perhaps the Baby Ram 3.0 TD someday 240 hp 420 ft lbs 40 mpg on the highway-
    that 3.0 TD could revive their minivans if it could be stuffed in-45 mpg-at 60 mph minivan-

    Yeah fanatic owners need to be nutured
    Mike S-
    betting VW will make the owners happy-eventually-just keep adding "stuff" until they are happy
    VWTDI owners are fanatics- repeat buyers-nuts-with their own forum-you can't buy that sort of owner loyalty-free advertising-
    but you certainly can lose it
    and you certainly can prevent ILL WILL by sweetening your apology-with $$$-parts-free maintenance- CC good for genuine VW accessories(assuming they are good Deutcher quality)
    VW smart people-corrupt at times- but smart-they will get the apology right-I think
    Wanting to beat Toyota(too fast) got them in this-leadership caused this-corrupt autocrat "my way highway" type-hope that SOB goes to a real "work will make you free" jail-
    his greed arrogance-cost Lots OF JOBS-hurt folks
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    Friday, December 18, 2015

    Hi All:

    As Mike mentioned above, the CARB - VW TDI fix documentation and decision has been moved back to January 14th, 2016. Here is the CARB release with the details.



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