Honda Builds 30 Millionth Automobile in North America

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    Honda marked a major milestone yesterday as the company's eight North American auto plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico reached the 30 million automobiles built mark in total automobile production. Honda started auto production in North America in Marysville, Ohio, on Nov. 1, 1982. Last year, more than 97 percent of the Honda and Acura automobiles sold in the U.S. were produced in North America!


    Honda was the first Japanese automaker to begin production of automobiles in the U.S. and North America. Since production started in Marysville, Honda has established automobile manufacturing operations in East Liberty, Ohio; Lincoln, Ala.; Greensburg, Ind.; Alliston, Ontario; Canada; El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico and Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico. A fifth U.S. auto plant, the Performance Manufacturing Center, in Marysville will begin production next year of the next-generation Acura NSX supercar.

    Honda auto production in North America is supported by engine manufacturing operations in Anna, Ohio; Lincoln, Ala.; Alliston, Ontario and Celaya, Mexico and by the production of automatic transmissions in Russells Point, Ohio, Tallapoosa, Ga., and Celaya. Total investment in Honda's North American auto, engine and transmission facilities tops $17 billion, with these operations now employing more than 28,000 employees.

    Honda's automotive manufacturing operations produce 11 different models, including five passenger cars and six light trucks, and have the capacity to produce 1.92 million automobiles each year.

    Honda is supported by a network of 713 suppliers in North America, with purchasing of parts and components last year exceeding $26 billion.

    Honda North America Automobile Production – By the Numbers

    PlantProduction Total (year started)
    Honda of America Mfg.
    Marysville Auto Plant12.2 Million (1982)
    East Liberty Auto Plant5.1 Million (1989)
    Honda Manufacturing of Alabama3.6 Million (2001)
    Honda Manufacturing of Indiana1.1 Million (2008)

    Honda of Canada Mfg.
    Plant 14.3 Million (1986)
    Plant 22.9 Million (1998)

    Honda of Mexico Mfg.
    El Salto, Jalisco640,000 (1995)
    Celaya, Guanajuato175,000 (2014)

    Honda Cumulative North American Auto Production30 Million

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