New UltraGauge on 2002 4dr Civic EX - TC showing

Discussion in 'Honda' started by chowdan, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. chowdan

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    Hey everyone,

    I just got my Ultra-Gauge EM Plus for my 2002 Honda Civic EX manual. I was so excited to plug this bad boy in and start seeing where i can optimize my driving to get me even better mileage.

    Right now based on each fillup and miles driven, we are getting around 35-38mpg. This is purely based on using miles driven since last fill up divided by gallons filled to the first click.

    Well now that I got my ultra gauge plugged in, I keep getting warned of a trouble code P1298. Based on it seems like i have a dead ELD or ECM.

    Does anyone know of any methods to test the ELD and ECM to see if one or the other is dead? Whats really strange is I am not seeing any check engine lights either. I'm also not even noticing any sort of miss-fire either.

    Anyone have any tips/recommendations or experiences with this? I find it odd that I'm not feeling any sort of loss of power due to miss firing and no real symptoms are showing that theres a problem.

    I forgot to mention, that when sitting idle, the inst MPG is sitting at 0.00, however when i am actually driving around the inst MPG and avg MPG is showing in the mid 100's to high 1000s. It was showing I was getting anywhere from 300 mpg to 3000 mpg.
  2. PaleMelanesian

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    Step 1 for anything electrical on a car: check the battery. What's the voltage first thing in the morning when you turn on the car but don't start the engine? It should be 12.3-5 or so.
  3. Die2self

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    if you have not configured the UG to the type of engine and size of engine as well as the setup information then it may not know how to process the information coming from the ECU.

    If the voltage is fine like Andrew suggested you try first, then I would do a factory reset to default information and then follow the setup process as should be outlined in any guide that you may have received with the device.

    I know that with the SG you have to tell it engine size, fuel cut off throttle position, gas tank size and the type of fuel (gas, diesel or hybrid).

    There are a few others that have UG's here on the forum that might be able to be more of an assistance. It does sound like one or more of your settings is off as it your MPG are probably not that high, but they around here, they could be :p
  4. chowdan

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    Thanks guys for the responses!

    I went ahead last night and bought a new ELD from amazon just in case(always can return it).

    When i get home i'll break out the voltage meter and give the battery a check.

    I'll also try re-configuring the UG again and start from a clean setup if the battery checks out(it is fairly old so it could be due for replacement).
  5. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    How much was the ELD? Just for my own future reference, knowing that my car has one too.
  6. chowdan

    chowdan Member

    Was 30 bucks, around $33 with shipping

    Amazon ELD part

    Since i'm in the middle of moving, all my tools and such are all packed up, and the only screwdriver that i had was not the right size, I made a early morning trip to HomeDepot and picked up a screwdriver.

    For anyones reference, if your replacing this part:
    The part took around 15 minutes to pull and replace. I would recommend just popping the lid off for the fuse box(dont forget to disconnect your battery before doing anything), unscrew the 4 screws and pull the 2 fuses that are connected to the ELD. Then detach the whole fuse box itself and pull the bottom cover off. Once thats removed, pop out the ELD of the fuse box and then disconnect the cable.

    When you put the ELD back, I'd recommend just popping it back in place, then going from below to connect the connector to it. its MUCH easier doing it that way as you can easily see where the port is and just plug in straight away. Then just put everything back together and your good to go!

    It seems like that was definitely dead on my car as the trouble code is no longer triggering! Makes me VERY happy to see no trouble codes firing, as we recently had a whole brake system rebuilt(not cheap). Time for calibration and I'll be hopefully seeing proper MPG on my UG.
  7. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Oh good! I'm glad it was a simple fix.

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