Lexus LS600h monster hybrid!

Discussion in 'Toyota' started by Sledge, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Sledge

    Sledge I like owls with captions

  2. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    thats too crazy, it has to be the craziest ride ever! Maybe i'll rent it on my birthday ;)
  3. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Scale it down to 1/3 size and I'd consider it.
  4. Chuck

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    When will they bolt a turbojet to it? :p
  5. xcel

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    Hi Sledge:

    ___I really do not know what to think about it. SULEV-2 emissions are great but the FE is … Well, who knows what it will be? Toyota could do some damage with the next gen HSD drivetrain in one but I doubt they did much more then bolt a slightly modded HH or RXh’s AWD HSD into it?

    ___Good Luck

  6. Green&Blue

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    That's likely exactly what they did (although to your point, the LS *should* get the cutting-edge technology, considering its segment (and the fact that the 'expected' price is - get this - $125,000)) :rolleyes: It used to be that the LS was priced at 60% of an S-Class. Then it became 80%. Now it's at parity. They're probably not ready with HSD-II yet, to be honest, and they won't beta it in their flagship (nor should they).

    The Lexus strategy WRT hybrids, as I'm sure you know, but I will state for the uninitiated, is not 'substantial' improvement in FE - rather, it's 'good' improvement (relatively speaking), with improved performance. TMC figures if you're wanting 'substantial' improvement, FE-wise, you're going to be looking at Toyota.

    While I'd agree that it's not the best thing for us globally, it makes sense from a marketing standpoint. Why does one buy a Lexus, when a Toyota product using many of the same underpinnings (ie; Camry / ES) does just as fine a job getting you from point A-B ? Lexus is in a market segment where conspicuous consumption is expected, not frowned upon. For these buyers, saving a few bucks at the pump (soon to be substantial bucks ?) isn't the main goal. It's image. And the $13-16K delta between the non-HSD equipped RX and the equipped one exemplifies this, IMO. To me, that's a lot of $ for that little HSD (or, LHD) badge on the rear. But, that's just me (and being a former AH owner, I'm hoping I don't come across as hypocritical, nor do I intend to insult Lexus hybrid drivers by their purchase. Their actions, if they make no effort to maximize their investment in hybrid technologies, *will* earn my scorn, because their net effect will be to stigmatize the technology as frivolous and elitist, and that's not what we need as a society right now, w/ regard to our global energy needs).

    What will the real-world FE of this car be ? This is going to be a pretty heavy car, so it'll be interesting to see what the published figures are. The higher the delta between the LS460/500 and this car, the more howling you'll hear from their most prized customers. Especially from those who just buy the car for the 'bling' factor without doing the research behind the car first. There's a lot of blissfully ignorant rich people out there :rolleyes:

    As an aside, I'm disappointed to see that Lexus is still aping others' styling (some see elements of S-Class in this version; I'm noting BMW-like lines with every new Lexus auto coming out these days). At this point, Lexus is poised, believe it or not, to actually take the leadership role in the ultra-luxury segment. Part of that leadership should extend to the styling studio. :(
  7. AZBrandon

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    Weak, if you asked me. My sister's husband has a V12 S600 which I was able to get 18mpg with on the highway. That's "good enough" when you're spending $125,000 on a car. The real kicker? Mercedes' 03+ S600's use a twin-turbo V12. He bought a $10k Renntech turbo upgrade that took it to somewhere in the neighborhood of 750 horsepower. Such figures are almost indescribable, to be honest, but that's the kind of power that allows you to be on a two lane road way up at high altitude and say "Hey look, although we're at 7000 feet elevation and driving uphill already doing 60mph, I can press the gas pedal and execute a swift, safe pass in approximately 2 seconds!"

    I realize horsepower values above 200 or so don't mean a whole lot here where the idea is ultimate fuel economy, but in the six-figure buyers' eyes, having a car that can be tuned to 750hp versus on with a little over 400 is a big difference. I can't picture someone like my sister's husband picking the Lexus over another monster Benz. Good luck to them, though. To me, this ranks up there with the notion of a fuel efficient powerboat. Honestly, there's just some things were the buyers don't give a crap about getting another 20% more fuel economy.

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