Warning about Hyundai and Kia Navigation Systems

Discussion in 'Smartphones and GPS Navigation' started by fishnrib, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. fishnrib

    fishnrib Christian

    I have found that both Hyundai and Kia deliver their new cars with 2 year old map versions from MapNsoft.
    Before you sign on the dotted line make sure that you get the latest version included on your contract.
    Also be aware that their new map version is over 2 years old when they become available compared to Google maps.
    What Hyundai should do is to load the latest map version before the new owner picks up the car.


    Hyundai HSH

    V5 USA 05.04.13 Nov 2012
    V7 USA 05.09.01 Feb 2014
    V8 USA 07.09.02 Sep 2014
    V9 USA 08.01.30 Jun 2015

    Optima Hybrid

    V4 USA 04.04.15 Apr 2011
    V5 USA 05.04.13 Oct 2012
    V8 USA 07.09.02 Sep 2014
    V9 USA 08.09.30 Jun 2015
  2. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    is the update service free through your local Hyundai dealer or is there cost for the update?
  3. fishnrib

    fishnrib Christian

    My dealer wanted over $100 in labor to install it. It is very easy to install using the on screen guide you just have to keep the car running for about 40 minutes. You can get ithe update started and then go for a drive while it's cooking.

  4. fishnrib

    fishnrib Christian

    From Jason3D
    "I bought my hsh in May and had the V7 software. Fishnrib in the other thread suggested I email corporate. I wrote to them questioning why I had 2014 software in a 2015 vehicle and they investigated with the dealership I purchased the vehicle from. Just got a call from the service department setting up an appointment to update the software. Took only 3 days for them to get this issue resolved. Thanks for the help! Hope this helps other people too."

    Sign up with Myhyundai and make your complaints there.
  5. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    so let me get this straight, the car has to be running in order to download the software?

    I looked at the site and they wanted $219 for a new SD card and you said they want $100 for labor:eek: Give me a break.
  6. fishnrib

    fishnrib Christian

    All car gps updates are very expensive compared to Garmin stand alone systems that have free updated maps. You can install the card yourself very easily like you install a new operating system on your computer. The car does not download anything but the car has to be running the whole time the update is being installed.
  7. Ophbalance

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    Yeesh. Makes me glad Toyota uses DVD's ;). Or at least, they used to. My FIL's newer Lexus will download automatic map updates over cell (or so he says) so long as he subscribes to a service for it. Sadly I think my Gen 4 nav is pretty much out of luck when it comes to map updates. But at least as of the last one (last year?) my subdivision has finally been added to the map. It only took 7 years.
  8. xcel

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    Hi Tom:

    Thanks for all of this detail on the Hyundai/Kia NAVI SW!


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