“Ride of the Week” - 24th of June, 2007.

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    Mike and his 2001 Prius-I named “The Phoenix”.

    [xfloat=right]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/546/Mike_Kurer_Prius-I.jpg[/xfloat]Mike Kurer - CleanMPG - June 24, 2007

    My name is Mike Kurer and I'm from Milwaukee WI. I bought my 2001 Toyota Prius-I hybrid just about a year ago and am enjoying it more and more each day. Every week and month since I have owned it, I have gotten better at getting the most mileage out of my tanks of gas. The one thing that has helped me tremendously is that around October or November of last year I joined the Milwaukee Hybrid Group. The people I meet there are incredible and the ideas they have shared have been very helpful.

    I have become involved in the group to the extent that I was at the Milwaukee Auto Show promoting hybrids and I try to talk to every hybrid owner I see. I am challenging myself to cut down my speed and increase my mileage and make the best out of my car that I can possibly achieve.

    I've always been "green" and wanted to do my part, and now I feel that I'm really really making a difference and showing my commitment by example.

    I am happy to be a new member of the CleanMPG family and the brethren of hybrid owners in Milwaukee and around the world.


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