New BioFuels with no ill effects just around the corner

Discussion in 'Fuel' started by xcel, Apr 17, 2015.

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    Hi All:

    I was sitting in on a transportation sustainability seminar at the Shell Eco-marathon last week and was introduced to some very high end scientists doing work on both fuels and lubricants.

    The first Shell speaker was discussing the company's advanced bio-fuels without todays negative mileage and emission controls effects.

    A mention of an all-new Shell V-Power + fuel was also shown but it appeared to be mor marketing differentiation than anything new.

    A bombshell came from the Lubricant scientist/manager however. Shell is readying a whole line of all-new upcoming GF-6 oils in 0W-8, 12 and 16 weights for the 2017 and future engines being developed by the OEMs. Sorry I have no no pics or more details but when they come, we'll report on them.

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    The Japanese market 0W16 motor oils are not as thin or efficient as my beloved Eneos Sustina 0W20. Shell must be figuring out the details on the necessary additive packages for such very thin motor oils. I cannot comprehend a 0W12 !!

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