Chinese-owned Volvo to open first U.S. car factory

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by ALS, Mar 30, 2015.

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    Cool. If they really are committed to growing their US market share I think this makes a lot more sense than importing them from China. Maybe the Chinese cars will be OK...who knows...but I don't think the take rate is going to be high.
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    Told you back in January that there wasn't a 2015 S60 Volvo on the dealer showroom floor under $47K.

    I can score a three year old 2012 S60 T5 with 30K on the clock for only $21,500 talk about depreciation. :eek:

    I can get a two year old 2013 S60 T5 Premier with 30K for a $2K more.

    That is why I'm waiting a few years before dumping the 960 because that new S60 2.0L could be had for 50% or more off new. :D
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    $47k MSRP maybe, but only then for a T6 R-Design that you don't want. And only in the dealer's dreams. My T5 Premier with a couple of options was nowhere near that. IIRC it was around $38k MSRP, more like $34k by the time the ink had dried. It's not like that's a screaming deal on transportation even in my mind but not too bad for what it is.

    Still, keep the 960 and Prius for a couple more years while I play guinea pig. The car has been rock solid so far but I choose to look at it as a bit of an experiment until these engines have been on the road for a while. (I'm crazy but not stupid. ;) )
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    Many decades ago, I almost bought a Volvo. Now that they are owned by the communist chinese(who believe murdering, torturing & starving 100 million of their own BROTHERS, SISTERS, CHILDREN & BABIES was a good thing), I will never own a communist chinese volvo(always small letters).
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    IDK. I'm no big fan of the way the Chinese do politics or business, and when I heard that Volvo had changed hands I figured that was the end. On the other hand Geely's ownership has done the brand far more good than Ford ever did. Another couple of years languishing under the blue oval likely would have ended them. If they keep the engineering in Sweden (which appears to be the plan, but we'll see) and the manufacturing comes to the US, I don't see the point of dismissing the brand on the sole basis of their Chinese corporate ownership.

    And if the "ifs" don't pan out there are plenty of other good cars on the market.

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