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Discussion in 'BEV or Battery Electric Vehicle' started by NeilBlanchard, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. NeilBlanchard

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    We now have an e-Golf to go along with our Leaf, and I have not had much time to drive it yet; as we picked it up yesterday, and I got the flu, so I stayed home today. It is great to drive - because it coasts when you lift your right foot. You can get several levels of regen by bumping the shifter to the left, and then remove regen by bumping it to the right.

    It fits my family very well - I am 6'-4" and my son is 6'-6", while my spouse and daughter are a mere 5'-9" and 5'-10". It is very smooth and planted.

    I have a couple of things that I would change with the e-Golf:

    It has no visible way to tell from outside the car when it is done charging. The Leaf has three blue lights at the base of the windshield, that do this. There is an app for your phone to do this, and more - but it has a 6 month trial period, and after that you pay a fee. No thanks.

    You have to unlock the car in order to remove the charging cord. Again, the Leaf has this as an option, while the e-Golf has it all the time.

    The HVAC system resets to Auto / 72F every time. So, you have to shut it off, or change it to where you want it. I would much prefer that it stayed where it was left when you shut it off.

    It doesn't have a tradition trip odometer, but rather it has several different automatic trip data screens on the center console touch screen.

    I post some pictures. The wheels are particularly sleek, as there is a very flat transition from the tire to the wheel.

    The LED lights are very good - every single light on the car is LED.

    It has got front and back proximity sensors that flash graphics on the touch screen.
  2. xcel

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    Hi Neil:

    I suspect you are going to love it over the long term. It is just so much better of a car to drive than the LEAF.

    Is efficiency similar as your LEAF? Utility?

    Pics!!!! :D

  3. rdprice64

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    Congrats on the eGolf!

    Interesting that they are going to charge for the app. That is certainly a drawback. And no external "fully charged" indicator seems like an oversight on their part too, because that's how my charging buddies and I at work know if it's okay to swap the plug out our not.

    So every light is an LED? Even the high beams? I thought those were the only non-LED on the Leaf.

    Would also love to hear if you enjoy driving it more than the Leaf, as Wayne indicated. I'll have to check with my VW dealer to see if they have one that I can test drive yet.
  4. NeilBlanchard

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    Yes, every light on the e-Golf is LED; even the high beams. It lacks, however, an illumination LED in the charging port so you can see to put in the J1772 plug in the dark.

    It is actually more comfortable for my family than the Leaf, with the main improvement being the deeper foot wells that let knees be at a more comfortable angle.

    I took a picture the other day, when it was on the lift at the dealer:


    They need to complete the belly pan all the way to the back! I'll take some better pictures soon of the rest of the car ...

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