2015 Ford F-150 – The 23 Gallon Tank That Holds 33+ Gallons

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  1. xcel

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    [​IMG]You will never get there however.

    [fimg=left]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/15_F-150_News.jpg[/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Feb. 25, 2015

    2015 Ford F-150 4X4 Supercrew Lariet with the 2.7L EcoBoost, NAVI, Sony Audio plus more – $51,175 as driven incl. D&H provides a 18/23 mpg city/highway rating.

    Last night I was sitting at my hometown Shell in Gurnee, IL with the all-new 13th generation 2015 Ford F-150 after spending over 2 hours to top it off for the calibration drive...

    When Press Fleet vehicles arrive, the handlers fill them up just before dropping the off. They do not top them off but a first click and then they drive to your home to swap out or pick up the vehicle with another driver.

    Standard for the U.S. Press fleets nationwide.

    The "Ordeal" about to begin


    A look back. With that in mind, when we drove the 2011 2WD Ford F-150 with the 3.5L EcoBoost across the country during the 2011 Ford F150 EcoBoost Fuel Economy Adventure Challenge, we discovered that its 26 gallon spec tank was actually the optional 36 gal. tank with some kind of loop seal plumbing to make the 2WD owner believe he had the 26 gal. tank. With 2 East to West and back East cross country drives, I was refueling with between 33 and 35 gallons at each fill when driving it close to and even some times down to < 0 DTE. I perform top off fills to provide fuel economy accuracy from tank to tank.

    Back to the present... I drove about 18 miles incl. the photo shoot location before arriving at this Shell. When I began the fill, first click came at about .9 gallons as expected. I pulled out the fuel filler spout from the truck and began the ordeal. I added 5.410 gallons at a rate of 0.004 and 0.006 gallons at a click for over an hour. At that point I stopped and went inside for a break.


    It is in the mid 20 degree F range here right now and falling so you can understand why. After 5 minutes I went back out for another hour plus and added another 4.649 gallons before there was a stable fuel level in the plastic fill spout.

    The included external fuel container spout funnel to bypass the refueling port EasyFuel shutoff flap(s).​

    All told, after approximately 2,000 pump clicks from a Full indication and maybe .9 gallons consumed from its press fleet handler fill, I added 10.059 gallons. In other words the standard 23 gallon tank is probably the optional 34/36 gallon tank on all 2015 F-150s with some unique plumbing that nobody will spend 2+ hours to get it.


    Really wish Ford would pull whatever plumbing change out if the new F-150 and just give everyone the true 34 gallon capacity that it can actually hold without all the drama.

    On a very positive note, 33+ gallons at 30+ mpg provides 1,000 to 1,100 miles range which is excellent for a full sized truck just like the previous 12th gen offered us quite a few years ago. :)
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  2. jcp123

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    Huh...sounds Rube Goldbergish in its unneeded complexity. I admire your dedication though!
  3. ILAveo

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    That'd make it hard for Ford to charge for the "upgrade" though. ;)

    Funny stuff. I'd always wondered how they fitted up the plus-sized fuel tanks when I was working under my trucks, I guess you answered that question. They're the same size.

    It seems like an easy way to do the special plumbing might be to put the filler tube/vent inlet lower on the tank which in combination with modern vapor control should vapor lock your fill at the "desired" lower level. I wonder if you'd be able to "increase" your tank size by fishing a rigid vent line through the filler tube to vent the top of the tank.
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  4. phoebeisis

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    Just WOW

    So when is that sucker hitting the scales??
    And $51,000 MSRP??
    Is that what 1/2 tons MSRP for now??
    What would it actually sell for??
  5. dont tell nissan you want a tank bigger than 26 gallon
  6. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Ford’s F-Series PR Lead, Mike Levine, provided me with the 23 and 36 gallon tank schematics tonight.

    2015 Ford F-150 23 and 36 gallon fuel tank(s) diagrams


    Still not sure why the 23 gallon tank held another 10+ gallons beyond full but am glad it is available for a special drive in case one ever comes up. ;)

  7. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    10" of extra length gives another 13 gallons ?
  8. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    Edwin that was what I was thinking, at most maybe two to three gallons. To accommodate that extra thirteen gallons of fuel the extended range tank would have to be at least 55% larger. Based on their dimensions it is only 14% larger. :confused:

    Upside Wayne is you know you can easily squeeze in an additional 10 gallons in the 36 gallon tank.

    46 gallons at 30 + mpg 1400 mile range.

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  9. phoebeisis

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    My ancient-1998 Suburban has a 900+ mile range tank(44 gallon tank-which was a HORRIBLE surprise when I stopped at the gas station after buying it-it was 1/8 full-cost $111 at $2.79 in 2007-nearly choked at that-it was at least 13 gallons more than I had EVER pumped in a vehicle)
    But I sure as HECK don't have that range
    at MY age-between MY bladder and my old back neck arms legs
    My range isn't much more than 180 miles- 3 hours maybe
    And generally since we weren't in any particular hurry
    we would stop maybe 10 times-every rest stop on the 1500 miles to Falgstaff
    a 36 gallon tank-must be for towing??
    This 2.6 V-6 turbo(single turbo??) probably will approach 30 mpg at 60 mpg- of the Dodge 3.6?? It isn't full time 4wd??
    Wayne no 60 mpg numbers yet?
    No weight??
    It will approach the Dodge 3.6-maybe slightly beat it??
    But it HAS to be HORRENDOUSLY more expensive?? MSRP and actual price??
    It has a MUCH higher MSRP that the base Dodge TD-right?(the 1/2 ton Italian TD not the MONSTER CUMMINS)
    Pretty sure PUPS is a Mopar or GM Pups??
    Really curious about the weight and the 60 mph mpg
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  10. xcel

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    Hi Edwin:

    My thoughts too.

    Al, I suspect the 36 gallon tank can hold about 40 gallons maybe? 40 at 35 mpg is indeed a long way!

    Charlie, it is to damn cold for the steady states. Best bet will be Sunday night/Monday morning between midnight and 03:00 AM. Temps in the low 20s and no snow.

  11. ILAveo

    ILAveo Well-Known Member

    I think "Ullage" is the word we're looking for, I'd say 30% is excessive.


    Seems like Wayne needs to invest in low rider hydraulics to hurry up his fills.:p

  12. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Rich:

    Funny stuff. :)

  13. BillLin

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    re: extended fueling saga

    Wayne, I'm sure you know what you're doing, but perhaps the rest of
    us should not intentionally fill a tank to that degree.

    Here's something from the C-MAX owner's manual regarding the capless

    Note:A fuel spill concern may occur if overfilling the fuel tank. Do not overfill the tank to the point that the fuel is able to bypass the fuel filler nozzle. The overfilled fuel may run down the drain located below and in front of the fuel filler door.

    Safety first.

  14. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Bill:

    There is always that risk. If you do not perform a top off to top off for the calibration drive, no way are the numbers going to be accurate over a short distance.

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  15. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    I hear you, Wayne. I guess for consistency's sake, one could fill to
    the same level within the included funnel, possibly still below the
    top of the filler nozzle, though maybe that'll be difficult to view.

    I do think you're a little "out there" with the thousands of clicks and
    hours spent filling up. That's a good measure of your dedication in
    spite of the cold.


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